Saturday, July 9, 2016

Week 42


Well Fathers day was yesterday, so happy fathers day to the best dad, and probably the craziest dad in the world too haha!  Never have i met a man so wise, but at the same time do some of the silliest things, maybe thats a trick to life. But in reality I have the best dad in the world, and Theres no other man i would rather have for my dad.  Hes the man, and derrick will always be the man.
Also happy fathers day to all you other dads out there, and to my bro in law aaron for being a good husband to my awesome sis chels, my only sibling that writes me, and a good dad to milo and reese, my twins.
This week was good.  Not much to talk about, just keeping on working.  Its raining like crazy here.  We did divisions on friday, and it was good to be in another area, its a good change every once in a while.  Weve decided to start working in the ranchos here.  Theres some beautiful areas, theyre just like 45 minutes from the church building, but the people are humble so it should have some fruit out there.
On the note of humility i had a nice little humbling experience yesterday.  I was taking down sacrament with a recent convert, and he poured out the sacrament cups we didnt use, and started to dry them off, to be able to reuse them.  I said to him just throw them away, but he kept going, so i put my pride away, and i helped clean off those tiny little sacrament cups.  That little act was a sign of how sacred this kinds of things are for the people that sacrifice so much to be in this church.  

Love you all! be happy.

Elder Hodson

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