Saturday, July 22, 2017

Week 96

5 semanas

Well this week was great, nothing too interesting happened, we were just working trying to find new investigators.  Fun week though!

My minds kind of blank right now though on stories this week cause ​we played volleyball for like 4 hours in the morning so ill just send some pics!
Love you all!
Elder Hodosn


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Week 95

One More Change!

Just real quick week went slow got sick again haha, but im better now!

We got changes as well!  My companion is going to Papantla and im staying here with Elder Arrieta, Hes from chihuahua, really good kid.  Hes hilarious.  We get along really well. 
Love you all!
Elder Hodson

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 94



This week was another solid week!  We had another 2 baptisms.  Hermelinda and her son Axel.  We started teaching them a few weeks back, and they were just pure gold, really fun to teach them, and they had an awesome baptism.  The boilers in the church are broken so another cold baptism, but the holy ghost always pulls through to keep them warm.
Other than that we have a new president!  Still havent met him, but this thursday we have conference with him, so thats exciting.  
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


Week 93


This week was another great week!  Lots of miracles and we have a great week coming up.

This sunday we were a little nervous because one of the people we had baptized had problems with getting sunday off for her job, so we just left it up to the lord.  We werent sure how but she was able to get out of work on sunday and she showed up with her husband!  They even brought their dad along to and he was happy to be there!  Its great to see families brought in closer.  

We also have 2 baptisms for this saturday! So Ill send pictures next week, weve been extremely blessed this change!
Love you all!
Elder Hodson
No pictures because i forgot my camera!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 92

Happpy Fathers Day to the Best Dad!

First things first just want to wish a big happy fathers day to my dad!  Hes honestly the craziest but coolest guy youll ever meet and he is always in the service of the lord and is a huge influence for me in my life!  Love you pops! Derricks the man.

This week was great!  We ended up having 5 baptisms! After having to reteach everything and get them married and interviews and lots of stress, theyre all baptized and happy!  Pretty awesome!  We have another 3 baptisms coming up in the next few weeks from the news weve found in these weeks.  Lots of work and lots of fun!

Love you all! 
Elder Hodson


Friday, June 16, 2017

Week 91

Down On the Farm

This week on the farm of our neighbor, the pig, almost hung itself.  We were just about to go to bed and we just heard the pig screaming and the dogs barking, so we went out and the pig was tied up and wrapped up with a rope caught around his belly, so we went and got the owners and cut him lose.  Luckily my comp lived on a farm his whole life, and they took care of that situation.

We have the 5 baptisms set for this tuesday!  One of our couples got married this last thursday!  Honestly the weirdest couple I´ve ever seen get married, but its all good!  The other couple gets married tomorrow in the morning!  We were going to marry them last tuesday, but the wife "didnt buy a dress" and they got in a huge fight, so we had to calm them down, and reset the wedding.  But alls well.
Literally no one in this city is married.... ever.  Its honestly sad, but its just not important to them.  The real meaning of marriage and love has been lost here in tezuitlan.  And in the world.  Courting and searching has been changed for quick relationships, and sadness.  

We had a cool lesson the other day.  We accidently knocked a door looking for a member, and an older man walked out and the smell of smoke was overwhelming, but nonetheless we contacted him and put a lesson down and he said yes.  We ended up not being able to go to the lesson but a different day we passed by, and he let us in, so we taught repentance and baptism, and he accepted!  We honestly had very little hope going into the lesson, but we learned our lesson that God really does prepare people for this gospel, and we cant forget that!
Love you all!
Elder Hodson

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Week 90


Tezuitlan is the absolute best.  This has been the coldest week of my mission and its not even winter haha.  Tezuit is honestly extremely beautiful, mountains and hills everywhere, everything is green, and even in the sun, its cold! Needless to say Im happy to be here.  Its also refreshing to have everyone yelling racial comments at me from their cars again ahah.

Im also working a ton better.  Ive missed a ton being in a normal companionship, my companion is honestly great, and we have tons of prospects!  
Were working with two marriages to get married this wednesday and thursday, and if all goes as planned we will baptize 3 this week and 2 next week.  It was going to be 5 this week but one of our investigators fell and drank again after a month of not drinking, but its all ok, falling is normal, and were going to start all over again and make sure it doesnt happen again.  Speaking of that we ending up having to walk him home from the bar, and he was almost falling over the entire way, as we walked through the center of the city haha.  Theres a first for everything.  
Loving life and Love you all!
Elder Hodson   


Friday, June 2, 2017

Hunter's Travel Plans

He'll be home before we know it!!!

Week 89

Me ChupĆ³ el Perro

Well this week was pretty much nuts!

We got our investigator married last friday (ill put pictures in) and she was going to get baptized on saturday but just had a little hiccup in her interview so we had to postpone it.

Yesterday we found out our changes, and we all thought that my companion was going to leave, but it turns out we both are hahaha!  Im actually really happy though.  I was tired of being zone leader and I didnt feel like I was doing the best job i could.  So lucky Im going to the coldest zone in the mission!  Tezuitlan.  Im really excited because Ive always wanted to serve there, and Im with a companion who has less time in the mission so it will be easier to work!  
So yesterday as we were saying goodbyes and everything we ended up in a house of some members who have two dogs that are insane and just bark and want to eat everyone.  So i tried to take some pictures of one of the dogs as we were waiting and the dogs just kept barking, so we said our goodbyes and as soon as we were walking out one of the dogs broke his chain and chased me down and bit me in the leg haha.  I thought i would never get bit in the mission.  Luckily my pants didnt rip and the dogs teeth didnt completely penetrate, but he still left a good hole in my pants.   Pretty funny honestly, but the members felt bad.  So we kept saying goodbyes while my leg was dripping blood so one of the members said that in his job when they get nails stuck in their feet they exprime or squeeze the wound to try and get it to heal faster.  I obviously said no to that but accepted some alcohol.  The brother threw the alcohol on and of course started to squeeze, hurted like death ahahah.  But yeah ill throw some pictures in.

Then later we talked to the sister we got married and she wanted us to be there for her baptism so were going to have a last minute baptism today!  
Love you all!
(dog in photo is not dog that bit me, but his neighbor)
(dont worry mother my leg is fine.)


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week 88

Como se dice... Carro

Well this week was another good one!  We found a few new very hopeful people so that made the week amazing!

One of the things that I learned while we were teaching a sister is the fact we need to show people the necessity of the gospel in their lives.  We were trying to help her with her job (shes sells things) and we were talking about how she needs to show people that their service is not good, and they need a new one.  And my companion and I kind of had a mini revelation that we were going about contacting in the wrong way.  We need to show people that this is the only true gospel, and its something that they honestly need.  The way we have been doing it is just asking people what happens to the people that pass away without being baptized.  No one has a real answer because this was one of the lost truths from when Jesus Established his doctrine, and it really gets ahold of people, and its helped us out a lot in this week!  So ask your friends inspired questions so they start thinking and have that thought in their mind!
Besides that just one little funny story, theres always a couple of little kids in the street that ask us how do you say certain words while we walk by, and they are the easiest words in english possible, stuff that sounds the same.  Its always a laugh when they just yell out "hey how do you say carro."
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 86

Mothers day

Happy Mother day to everyone this week.  But dont worry I have the best momma in the whole entire world, so just get in line.

Love you all 
A few FB finds!


Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 85

Cambio De Corazon

This week was filled with travels and little things to take care of, but no one wants to hear about that!

We were able to have a great lesson this saturday.  We ended up eating with a family where only the son is member, so we got into the subject on why the family hadnt been baptized yet, and the mom just talked about not wanting to change her traditions.  So we explained what our true purpose here is on earth, and we were able to teach her that we are here to progress and change and become more like our heavenly father. 
I have realized in these last few weeks that repentance isnt only our actions but as well the way we think.  The thoughts that we have are a huge reminder of who we really are.  To become like God starts with our personal thoughts and opinions, and we need to find the way to help those become like gods thoughts.
Not much else to report! 
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


Week 84


So im finally getting settled in to my new area, and let me tell you, the heat is not missed hahah.
This week was fairly busy, we moved two houses, and had a few meetings, but we had some decent time to work, and we found some cool new people.  This ward is super supportive, and the members are great.  So im pretty dang excited.

I also got a nice welcome in church, they called me up to speak without telling me before hahaha.
Our zone is gonna be fun as well.  We have some of the most capable missionaries ive had the opportunity to work with, and the areas here are great, so im excited.  

Besides that all is well!  Just a change week, and its been awesome.

Love you all!
Elder Hodson
Oh and heres a picture of my new comp

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 83

Tajin y Macuiltepec

So I'm finally getting changed out of Poza Rica!  Im going to an area called atenas with one of my super good friends in the mission, Elder Flores.  Im honestly super excited and extremely relieved to be going there.  The zone has about 6 missionaries less, and Ill be getting a lot a lot easier with my new companion.  Oh and I wont be in the heat!  Needless to say this change was much appreciated, although I will miss my converts a ton here in poza rica!

This week was a slow one.  Here in mexico instead of easter everyone just takes vacations for 2 weeks and goes to the beach, or leaves and dissapears.  So finding news and bringing people to church gets difficult.  So sunday morning our investigators had all bailed out on us, and so we just did a quick simple prayer asking heavenly father to bless us with someone new in the church that was willing to listen to the gospel.  I happened to as well have to talk in church and my topic was about the power of prayer, and finishing my talk, a random guy walked in to the church.  Got talking to him and he is from cuba, and hes living here working here, and his brother is a member, and he wants to learn more!  Huge testimony builder and a great expierence.

We also went to Tajin, so theres gonna be a bunch of pyramid pictures.
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 82

Bautismo de Teresa!

Hola mis amigers
So this week was exciting because Teresa got baptized.  Shes the mother of the last person we baptized here, and the best part is he was able to baptize her.  We just invited her simply 3 weeks ago to go to stake conference to watch her son recieve the priesthood, she said yes, and then later we invited her to be baptized, and she said yes.  One of the easiest people Ive ever met to be baptized!  She has been ecstatic these last few weeks, and extremely happy with her decision to be baptized.

This is most likely my last week here in this area sadly, but at the same time Im excited.  Ive been here about 5 months now, and they have gone extremly fast.  But as far as the rumors go, Ill most likely go to xalapa.  I love xalapa, and itll be nice to be able to finish in a city that feels a little bit more like home, and not like mexico haha.  It should be my last area, unless they drop me from zone leader for my last change.  Either way Im happy, and Im gonna work these last months out!
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 81

The Best Sleep

So this week ending up being a little bit stressful.  We had a missionary from the zone that had to go home to take care of some stuff, and so we ended up in a trio with a missionary whos area is about 45 minutes away from the city.  So we had to take days out of our area to be able to work his, and we took an extra day out to help out the sister missionaries in their area.  So in total we worked about a day in our own area, but its all goood.  Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.  We were glad to be able to help out other missionaries.

Conference was absolutely amazing!  For those who were able to watch it live, go to and watch it.  One talk that ended up being funny to me was Elder Uchtdorf.  I think i have a criminal record going on in heaven for falling asleep in general conferences, and of course for the talk before Uchtdorf I was knocked out.  And the first thing he talks about is falling asleep, and everyone in the room turned to look at me and just laughed.  I testify that the best naps I get are and will always be when I am in church.
This saturday we should be having a baptism!  Her name is Teresa, she is the mom of one of our recent converts, and she has been just a joy to teach.  I love teaching people that are ready to recieve the gospel, and who want to progess.  
No pictures sooorry forgot my camera at home!

Les Amo!
Elder Hodson

Week 80

General Conference!

Not much to talk about this week.  Had a good few divisons.  Got to go out with a new missionary in the mission.  He reminds me a ton of how i was when i first got here.  Its huge the change that one makes throughout the mission, and Ive really seen the big change that Ive had in my life in this short time Ive been here!

Love you All!   Happy anniversary to my rents!  Theyre #1
Elder Hodson
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