Thursday, March 31, 2016

Week 30

Sending my comp home with wet baptismal clothes

Well according to the tradition, Elder Matul went home today with wet baptismal clothes in his suitcase.  It has been awesome to be able to serve with him, and hes been an amazing missionary.  Its always cool to be able to see a worthy missionary serve two years, and go home happy without doubts of what he did.

On other news our two baptisms went well!  We have a couple new investigators, but the rest of this week im left without a companion because of weird changes, but ive got a few youth from the ward to be my companions for the week, so im gonna tire out some poor youth walking hahaha.  Hopefully ill still be able to find new people while juggling having to teach a ton.  Its gonna be difficult,but  fun.
I dont have a ton to say, just that im really excited for the upcoming transfer, its gonna be a transfer of lots of change.  Pray they give me a newbie haha.
On funny stories......... i dont remember any.  Maybe later.
Short lame email, but be prepared for a ton of pictures woooh.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 29

Lots and lots of food

This week was a week of lots of eating.  Lots and lots of food was eaten this week.

On other news we have two baptisms coming up this week.  Two miracles, and im super excited.
So the first is julia arleth, she had her interview yesterday, and she basically is already member, she knows everything, and it was really easy to teach her.  Shes pretty golden, im excited about that.
The other is melanie.  Shes 8 but her brother got baptized, and were slowly baptizing the whole family.  A while back we asked permision to baptize her, but her mom said no, but on tuesday we went to their house and we were in the middle of a zone fast, and her mom finally said yes! so she had her interview yesterday, and on friday night she gets baptized! miracles and testimony of fasting.
On a note of funny stories, in the gym in the morning a random guy came up to me and started speaking english, and said to me in his broken  english " oh you have a really nice body, i  like your body, you have good genetics" granted hes not gay, he just didnt speak english well, and wanted to speak the little he knew, it was funny.
But thats about it for the week, nothing too interesting, but the computer wont let me send pictures, so thats lame.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 28

Typhoid in Vegas

Well this week was a different one.  Not too much work, but im unusually happy.

Yesterday we had a priesthood meeting, and our old convert (samuel) got up and bore his testimony, then a convert that we reactived just a few weeks ago got up and bore his aswell.  Then after the meeting the two of them both recieved the melquisedek priesthood, which was a really cool thing to be a part of.  The less active is 20 years old, and now hes super pumped about a mission, so thats pretty exciting.
Work wise, we found a new this week. Recently married, his wife is a member of years, and shes really strong in the faith, and they have a baby on the way in about 3 months, so thats pretty dang awesome.  So hes going to be a good convert. Our other investigator julia is still progressing, basically when we teach she already knows everything, so its just a waiting game.  Shes pretty crazy though haha.  She always always always comments on my eyes, and she has a husband and at times its awkward haha.
My companion goes home in 2 weeks, so theres that.
In other news the other white missionary got typhoid this week.  So hes absolutely misirable, and they broke some rules with getting an iv or something, and president is roasting his companion, but the poor white kid is just dying.  Its probably a good thing they gave him an iv, bc sister pres said just to drink water and salt, and he would probs go home if he followed that advice.  As bad as it is to be obedient, not dying and getting an iv is more important haha.  
But besides that our week was fairly boring.
Love you friends 
Elder Hodson
random pictures wooh


Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 27

The biggest house in Mexico

Or so.

Well this week once again was a little more slow than usual. I don't know what's happening, but numbers are just falling, and people bail on church. We're more obedient than ever, but the work goes on. 
We found a few new investigators this week, but only 2 really have something interesting. First the one that will actually progress is the sister of the girl we just baptized. Her husband was baptized like 15 years ago, but is inactive, and she is really cool. We haven't taught a whole ton, but she understands everything, and came to church. She's been going to a Christian church, which is also good, because stuff makes sense for her. 
The other news we found contacting in a park, and they are house sitters for a house here. They only told us their house has a pool, and the next day we went searching, and a few hours later we found it, at the end of a little 5 minute jungle hike, and lemme tell ya, its enormous. Like 12000 sq ft or so, but there is so much land, and it's super cool. The family that watches the house is a family with very little education, very humble, but live in a mansion, and are paid to do so haha.  The owner of the house apparently is a owner of hotels here and has tons of houses. 
Also had a few more drunk encounters so that was fun.

But overall an ok week, we need to pick up some numbers, but it's all good. Life's good here in Poza Rica, super hot and super humid. 
Love you all friends. 
Elder Hodson
my failed 6 months, pday feast, house, and more food haha


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Week 26

A fairly slow week
I don´t know if i forgot everything this week, or just was a slow week, but there is not much to report.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of lessons fell through, and of course the people we had planned for church fell through, so this is going to be a large week of searching.  Its difficult because we still have lots of recent convert lessons to teach, but the mission is so strict on teaching investigators it makes it difficult to find time to teach.  But all is well.
We found a new investigator, hes about 16, but really wants to change his life, and has already accepted a baptismal date and is on his way.  The large problem is his family is a little thick skulled, especially the dad.  A lot of what we have seen here is the difference in a family centered in christ, that wants the best for their children, and families that have no respect for the other, and dont want their children to succeed.  Something that makes no sense, but the majority of our problem with finding people is the dad or husband is slow to his senses, and makes it difficult.  So the lesson for the week friends is desire with all your heart the best for your children.  If they have desires to change for the best, then support them.  Definitely an eyeopener to the rest of the world.
But enough of the negative nancy.  I dont have a funny story to tell..........  But i did manage to find a peacock this week!!! I didnt think i would ever see a peacock in my life, but we were contacting, and bam a peacock.  Also a cool volkswagen, and cool trash.
Elder Hodson


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