Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 46


Another week down, but not quite as good of a result as last week.  Sadly our mega family didnt go to church this week. Apparently one of their nephews got kidnapped, so they couldnt go because of that.  Also our branch president ended up trying to help with the family, but he might of ruined our chance with them, but were gonna see what happens.

On good news we are going to baptize on saturday!  Our investigator had his interview yesterday and all went well!  Hes almost 16 years old, but hes been living with a member family for a little while, and hes super excited, it was honestly super easy teaching him, and its been fun.  
Not much else news wise.  A decent amount of pictures though.  We went and saw the beach this morning at like 5 am, but of course there were clouds, its definitely not a california beach haha, but it was still awesome!
Love you all!


Week 45

Puente Don Diego

I think after the success we have had in a little pueblo called puente don diego im renaming our area from santiago de la peña to don diego.

This sunday was a huge miracle.  On friday we met a new family of about 15 people in don diego.  I was in divisions with another gringo, and we just for some reason decided to walk to the farthest house to start contacting, and we talked to a kid in the street and said there was nothing but one more house, so we turned around to walk away, but we heard someone call out to us, so we turned around and went to their house, and weve just had miracle after miracle with them.  Our little branch has been an amazing support with them so far, and they absolutely loved church.  We  have a huge opportunity with them, and we have tons of work to do in don diego, so im very excited for this change.  
Its amazing being able to teach in a little pueblo where no one has any bad thoughts about the church, and they can just listen with an open mind and be able to accept the gospel.  
Dont have much of an explanation for my pictures, just enjoy them.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Week 44


Well it is the birthday of my country, and with that i am very happy.  Sadly im here in mexico, and i have no other gringos in my district, and there is only 3 of us here in the zone, so ill just casually sing im proud to be an american in my head.  For all of you at home, enjoy fireworks, and the right to own a gun.
This week was good!  We had 5 investigadors yesterday at church, and im pretty sure thats a record for santiago, so if all goes well we should have a decent amount of baptisms this change, so thats exciting.  My companion is Elder Chavez, slightly odd, but hes a good kid.  Hes from DF mexico, and he is a chilango.  Hes a good kid, and we work well together, so hopefully all goes well.
This week we worked in a little pueblo called don diego, and we found lots of people that love to listen to us, so we should have some success in there, but they are very humble people, and once again, husbands almost dont exist there.  But were going to keep our eyes out and contact every man that we see haha, this branch desperately needs priesthood, and a new branch president, so were gonna work on that.
Thats about all there is for this week, it was a fairly normal week, but im loving the mission and its always the best here!
Elder Hodson

Week 43


Well another six weeks down and another change in the book.  And with changes brings change.  Who wouldve guessed.  

Haha but not much is changing with me.  Im staying here in santiago de la peña for another change as district leader.  My companion is going to tenechako (its a neighboring ward) hes moving basically from canyon gate ward to monte cristo ward haha.  Same stake and hes still in my district, so we can do divisions when we miss each other.  

my new companion is Elder Chavez, no idea who he is, but i think he is newish, so Thats actually gonna be nice, its nice to have newer companions because they like to work, and that helps me a lot.
This week feels like it didnt actually happen, not quite sure why, but it flew by.  We have a new family in our small little branch, so now we will be a solid 24 members that are active, so thats exciting.  Hopefully they make the new dad the new branch president, it would help the branch a lot, ill see if i cant pull any strings.
We taught primary yesterday and we asked the question to a little kid "if one of your friends tells you a lie about your mom what would you do?" then the kid said "i would ask my mom if it were true or not" needless to say we laughed a lot, i would also like ot teach primary one day.
  On good news, my converts from Poza Rica (the older couple) Are now senior couple missionaries, so thats cool.
I was listening to the priesthood session of conference this morning, and it hit me how much worthy men and fathers are being talked about.  Its something that i see a large lack of here in these areas that ive been in here.  We as men have a huge responsibility with the priesthood, and its something that should be used and not just kept away for an emergency.  Its like a muscle that we need to work on, and not just leave to die.
Love you all, 
Elder Hodson

Week 42


Well Fathers day was yesterday, so happy fathers day to the best dad, and probably the craziest dad in the world too haha!  Never have i met a man so wise, but at the same time do some of the silliest things, maybe thats a trick to life. But in reality I have the best dad in the world, and Theres no other man i would rather have for my dad.  Hes the man, and derrick will always be the man.
Also happy fathers day to all you other dads out there, and to my bro in law aaron for being a good husband to my awesome sis chels, my only sibling that writes me, and a good dad to milo and reese, my twins.
This week was good.  Not much to talk about, just keeping on working.  Its raining like crazy here.  We did divisions on friday, and it was good to be in another area, its a good change every once in a while.  Weve decided to start working in the ranchos here.  Theres some beautiful areas, theyre just like 45 minutes from the church building, but the people are humble so it should have some fruit out there.
On the note of humility i had a nice little humbling experience yesterday.  I was taking down sacrament with a recent convert, and he poured out the sacrament cups we didnt use, and started to dry them off, to be able to reuse them.  I said to him just throw them away, but he kept going, so i put my pride away, and i helped clean off those tiny little sacrament cups.  That little act was a sign of how sacred this kinds of things are for the people that sacrifice so much to be in this church.  

Love you all! be happy.

Elder Hodson