Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 92

Happpy Fathers Day to the Best Dad!

First things first just want to wish a big happy fathers day to my dad!  Hes honestly the craziest but coolest guy youll ever meet and he is always in the service of the lord and is a huge influence for me in my life!  Love you pops! Derricks the man.

This week was great!  We ended up having 5 baptisms! After having to reteach everything and get them married and interviews and lots of stress, theyre all baptized and happy!  Pretty awesome!  We have another 3 baptisms coming up in the next few weeks from the news weve found in these weeks.  Lots of work and lots of fun!

Love you all! 
Elder Hodson


Friday, June 16, 2017

Week 91

Down On the Farm

This week on the farm of our neighbor, the pig, almost hung itself.  We were just about to go to bed and we just heard the pig screaming and the dogs barking, so we went out and the pig was tied up and wrapped up with a rope caught around his belly, so we went and got the owners and cut him lose.  Luckily my comp lived on a farm his whole life, and they took care of that situation.

We have the 5 baptisms set for this tuesday!  One of our couples got married this last thursday!  Honestly the weirdest couple I´ve ever seen get married, but its all good!  The other couple gets married tomorrow in the morning!  We were going to marry them last tuesday, but the wife "didnt buy a dress" and they got in a huge fight, so we had to calm them down, and reset the wedding.  But alls well.
Literally no one in this city is married.... ever.  Its honestly sad, but its just not important to them.  The real meaning of marriage and love has been lost here in tezuitlan.  And in the world.  Courting and searching has been changed for quick relationships, and sadness.  

We had a cool lesson the other day.  We accidently knocked a door looking for a member, and an older man walked out and the smell of smoke was overwhelming, but nonetheless we contacted him and put a lesson down and he said yes.  We ended up not being able to go to the lesson but a different day we passed by, and he let us in, so we taught repentance and baptism, and he accepted!  We honestly had very little hope going into the lesson, but we learned our lesson that God really does prepare people for this gospel, and we cant forget that!
Love you all!
Elder Hodson

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Week 90


Tezuitlan is the absolute best.  This has been the coldest week of my mission and its not even winter haha.  Tezuit is honestly extremely beautiful, mountains and hills everywhere, everything is green, and even in the sun, its cold! Needless to say Im happy to be here.  Its also refreshing to have everyone yelling racial comments at me from their cars again ahah.

Im also working a ton better.  Ive missed a ton being in a normal companionship, my companion is honestly great, and we have tons of prospects!  
Were working with two marriages to get married this wednesday and thursday, and if all goes as planned we will baptize 3 this week and 2 next week.  It was going to be 5 this week but one of our investigators fell and drank again after a month of not drinking, but its all ok, falling is normal, and were going to start all over again and make sure it doesnt happen again.  Speaking of that we ending up having to walk him home from the bar, and he was almost falling over the entire way, as we walked through the center of the city haha.  Theres a first for everything.  
Loving life and Love you all!
Elder Hodson   


Friday, June 2, 2017

Hunter's Travel Plans

He'll be home before we know it!!!

Week 89

Me ChupĆ³ el Perro

Well this week was pretty much nuts!

We got our investigator married last friday (ill put pictures in) and she was going to get baptized on saturday but just had a little hiccup in her interview so we had to postpone it.

Yesterday we found out our changes, and we all thought that my companion was going to leave, but it turns out we both are hahaha!  Im actually really happy though.  I was tired of being zone leader and I didnt feel like I was doing the best job i could.  So lucky Im going to the coldest zone in the mission!  Tezuitlan.  Im really excited because Ive always wanted to serve there, and Im with a companion who has less time in the mission so it will be easier to work!  
So yesterday as we were saying goodbyes and everything we ended up in a house of some members who have two dogs that are insane and just bark and want to eat everyone.  So i tried to take some pictures of one of the dogs as we were waiting and the dogs just kept barking, so we said our goodbyes and as soon as we were walking out one of the dogs broke his chain and chased me down and bit me in the leg haha.  I thought i would never get bit in the mission.  Luckily my pants didnt rip and the dogs teeth didnt completely penetrate, but he still left a good hole in my pants.   Pretty funny honestly, but the members felt bad.  So we kept saying goodbyes while my leg was dripping blood so one of the members said that in his job when they get nails stuck in their feet they exprime or squeeze the wound to try and get it to heal faster.  I obviously said no to that but accepted some alcohol.  The brother threw the alcohol on and of course started to squeeze, hurted like death ahahah.  But yeah ill throw some pictures in.

Then later we talked to the sister we got married and she wanted us to be there for her baptism so were going to have a last minute baptism today!  
Love you all!
(dog in photo is not dog that bit me, but his neighbor)
(dont worry mother my leg is fine.)