Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 45

Puente Don Diego

I think after the success we have had in a little pueblo called puente don diego im renaming our area from santiago de la peña to don diego.

This sunday was a huge miracle.  On friday we met a new family of about 15 people in don diego.  I was in divisions with another gringo, and we just for some reason decided to walk to the farthest house to start contacting, and we talked to a kid in the street and said there was nothing but one more house, so we turned around to walk away, but we heard someone call out to us, so we turned around and went to their house, and weve just had miracle after miracle with them.  Our little branch has been an amazing support with them so far, and they absolutely loved church.  We  have a huge opportunity with them, and we have tons of work to do in don diego, so im very excited for this change.  
Its amazing being able to teach in a little pueblo where no one has any bad thoughts about the church, and they can just listen with an open mind and be able to accept the gospel.  
Dont have much of an explanation for my pictures, just enjoy them.


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