Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 62

Puercoespinos y Antorchistas

I think this has been one of the funniest weeks of my mission just because Donald Trump won.  But thats another story.

Well this week was another fun one, we worked a ton, and weve seen some good fruits.  On sunday there was a mexico wide conference, and one of our investigators dads was able to go with us, and he has had a huge change in heart.  Hes a biologist and has done some huge things here in mexico, and he said on sunday "i need to change my life and start seeing things with a spiritual eye instead of a science eye".  So were going to keep working with him.

We also have been having a little bit more success in a little pueblo, its really fun in pueblos, and even more when there are members to help, because everyone is happier in a pueblo.  

Still on my antihaircut as well,  im going for the thor look.  Or until i find a haircut i can actually use without my mission presidents wife getting upset with me haha.
On saturday we went to a random little place, and its a colony of antorchistas, or people that basically nag the government and hold rallies until the government gives in and gives them things.  Pretty interesting little place, it was in the middle of nowhere as well.
Also in another pueblo some investigators had a little porcupine, but i didnt grab him because he has lots of spines.
Ive been learning a ton lately.  I love learning about the gospel..  I love trying to figure out the things that dont make any sense and questions that are difficult to explain.  My teaching as well i feel like has progressed a lot, and my son is learning a ton.  Hes very humble, and easy to teach.  Theres another new missionary here in the other area, but he is still very very prideful, so we are "breaking his heart" in a scriptural sense.  I think one of the most important things ive learned in the mission is the importance of being humble when it comes to learning.  Becoming like a child.
Alls well in the promised land
Love you all
Elder Hodson


Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 61

Mi Hijo Amado

Well this week was my first week with my beloved son, and let me tell you, training is the best in the mission.  Its so fun to be able to start over, and just learn everything from 0 all over.  It really helps us to be able to forget the things that dont work, and remember how to work like a newbie.

Its also really fun, and funny to have a new companion, just seeing what they say.  The other day an investigator asked my son "and whats your name?" and my companion responded, "joohn.... digo elder Morales." and got super red.  It was pretty funny.  But hes awesome, and and has great desires to work and baptize.  Its a giant responsibilty, and im tired as all tired can be, but working in the lords vineyard is the best job in the world. 
This sunday we only had two people in church, but the father of one of our investigators went to church!  He hasnt gone to a church in about 20 years, and i think he loved it a ton, but third hour one of those rough members went in the class and starting preaching about tithing, and abstract things, so its gonna be a little difficult to get him to not have a bad image about church.
It´s always awesome when members help out as well, this sunday we did divisions with members, and I think i found the new amulek.  He took us to the pueblo where he lives, and just started introducing us to everyone!  He really wants to build a branch where he lives, so were gonna help him out!
Oh also my hair is really long, because the mission presidents wife told me not to cut it.  Im going for the pantene look.
Alls well in the mission! Love you all
Elder Hodson