Saturday, July 9, 2016

Week 43


Well another six weeks down and another change in the book.  And with changes brings change.  Who wouldve guessed.  

Haha but not much is changing with me.  Im staying here in santiago de la peña for another change as district leader.  My companion is going to tenechako (its a neighboring ward) hes moving basically from canyon gate ward to monte cristo ward haha.  Same stake and hes still in my district, so we can do divisions when we miss each other.  

my new companion is Elder Chavez, no idea who he is, but i think he is newish, so Thats actually gonna be nice, its nice to have newer companions because they like to work, and that helps me a lot.
This week feels like it didnt actually happen, not quite sure why, but it flew by.  We have a new family in our small little branch, so now we will be a solid 24 members that are active, so thats exciting.  Hopefully they make the new dad the new branch president, it would help the branch a lot, ill see if i cant pull any strings.
We taught primary yesterday and we asked the question to a little kid "if one of your friends tells you a lie about your mom what would you do?" then the kid said "i would ask my mom if it were true or not" needless to say we laughed a lot, i would also like ot teach primary one day.
  On good news, my converts from Poza Rica (the older couple) Are now senior couple missionaries, so thats cool.
I was listening to the priesthood session of conference this morning, and it hit me how much worthy men and fathers are being talked about.  Its something that i see a large lack of here in these areas that ive been in here.  We as men have a huge responsibility with the priesthood, and its something that should be used and not just kept away for an emergency.  Its like a muscle that we need to work on, and not just leave to die.
Love you all, 
Elder Hodson

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