Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 46


Another week down, but not quite as good of a result as last week.  Sadly our mega family didnt go to church this week. Apparently one of their nephews got kidnapped, so they couldnt go because of that.  Also our branch president ended up trying to help with the family, but he might of ruined our chance with them, but were gonna see what happens.

On good news we are going to baptize on saturday!  Our investigator had his interview yesterday and all went well!  Hes almost 16 years old, but hes been living with a member family for a little while, and hes super excited, it was honestly super easy teaching him, and its been fun.  
Not much else news wise.  A decent amount of pictures though.  We went and saw the beach this morning at like 5 am, but of course there were clouds, its definitely not a california beach haha, but it was still awesome!
Love you all!


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