Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 34

Te invito una coca

This week went well.  Tuesday i did divisions with my district leader, and i went to his area.  We didnt manage to have any lessons, but it was still a good day, and i gained a little bit more of confidence with street contacts.  Basically i learned a white person here in mexico can do whatever he want haha.  Story to come later from divisions.
The rest of the week was just lots of searching and little finding.  Our investigators have a decent amount of trials and things they need to get over to be able to be baptized, but i have faith in them.
On sunday we only had 3 people come to church, but we were able to have the interview of miriam, and she has her baptism set for this saturday at 4 for all of you that can come.  So thats exciting at least.  She knows everything, just sometimes she gets over her head with work from her kids and husband.  Makes me realize the hard work a mom has to do for the kids and home, and then the husband comes home and just wants to do nothing, but it should be the opposite.  Oh well, future lessons right?
Something that ive definitely been developing this change has been patience.  Thats a good thing, but for everyone that has developed patience, has gone through lots and lots and lots of annoying things, but thats what i need, so its all good.
Ok story time, on wednesday when we did divisions, we ran into a guy that called us over.  He had really blonde hair and super blue eyes, so we asked where he was from, and he said hungary, but he moved to mexico when he was young.  So we kept talking and he tells us that he was a missionary, and that he baptized lots of people in his mission.  So we asked him how and this was his method.  He would find girls that were fairly attractive, and he was an attractive guy, and he would invite them to drink a coke with them.  Then he would flirt a little and say, no we cant have girlfriends, but we would really like to teach your family, and after the mission ill come back to marry you.  Then he would find and baptize families hahaha.  Absolutely terrible, but people here are weird when you have blonde hair and blue eyes.  So for all my friends in mexico with blonde hair and blue eyes, use your gifts of god to baptize... 
Thats really the only funny story i have.  And all i really have to say.
Love you friends and families,
Elder Hodson

Facebook finds!

I love when I find pics of my boy that other people have posted!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 33

Insert Title

This week was lowkey a little lame, but its all good and were not dwell on it and were gonna get over it.
Tuesday I was houseridden and sick, and so the rest of the week we worked, but i was like a sack of potatoes those days i was dying and tired.  Yay for the mission.  We had lots of sucess throughout the work, but sunday came, and everything fell thru.  So we had four baptisms set for next sunday, but now all of their dates are set back another week.  Hopefully this week goes better.
Story time bc lame week.
Two days ago on saturday, two dudes downstairs were drinking, and they started at 6 am, with music blasting from their car.  The first time we went downstairs they were pretty relaxed and were just saying dumb stuff, and just trying to speak english, and i just said i dont speak english and left.  Then the second time, one of them tried grabbing me and was saying every cuss word in both languages he new, so i pushed him away and we left, i called the owner of the house, and he kicked the drunk out of the house.  Yay for drunk Mexicans haha.  One thing ive learned is the people of mexico are so much more hostile to us white people, my comp isnt from here, and no one ever says anything, but im like an animal.  Its funny sometimes.  idk if its like that in other countries, but maybe.
This week our president is coming for interviews, so that should be good.  Hes a good guy.
Not much is new.  Sweating constantly.  I dont know how someone can be fat here, im constantly drenched in sweat.
Cool tree,  JESUS EL GRAN PLANCHADOR(planchar in spanish means iron but also bash people with scriptures),  The cool bike that some crazy guy has, it drives with only the front wheel, its like a unicycle, but two wheels....

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 32


Well this felt like a very long week, but at the same time fairly fast.

My new companion Elder Santos is 3 months out and from the dominican republic, and he is a good worker, but hes still new haha.  Were working on it.  Im his third companion, and hopefully i can get rid of his annoyances.  Just a different culture sometimes doesnt work well with the mexican culture, but we get along just find, so im going to treat him like a son.
Work wise we had a really good week, and ended with a good sunday.  As of right now we have obed, viktor, kayla, miriam, and osiel all on date, and all seem to be progressing well, so expect some white pictures soon, but keep your prayers strong for each and every one.
Our zone has been completely changed, so many new faces, so thats gonna be fun.
STORY TIME:  Well on tuesday we went to the giant mansion, and found a new there, and when i went through the gate i ripped a small hole in my pants, so i got angry and the next time went a different way and ripped my shirt a little, so i got more angry, and when over the barbwire gate, and i almost broke my ankle.  Luckily it was just a small sprain, so i hobbled on home, went and bought a wrap, and took lots of drugs, and slept a little more than obediencewise.  But Today its still bruised, just doesnt hurt to walk anymore so thats nice.  But god blessed us for continuing working even though it was a limpy day.
other story, we were working out, and due to my hodson blood my muscles have came in nicely, and some guy in the gym came up to us and said "you should tatoo faith and glory onto your biceps and walk around flexing."
I bought a ukulele because ive always been musically inept and its super easy, theres the backstory behind the uke
Also my best friend in the mission got changed areas this week so that was super lame.  Ill throw pics in.
We had record assitence at church since ive been here, and i counted and 20 of the people were either converts or lesactives weve reactived, so thats super cool
Love you all!


Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 31


Well the change has come to an end, the week of no companion and sleeping over with one of my best friends in the mission is over.

Dun dun dunnnnn my new companion is....
Elder Santos!  Hes from the dominican republic, and he has about 3 months in the mission!  Im fairly excited for this change, but at the same time its going to be a little bit of a challenge, but im up for it.  I was really hoping they would give me a new to the mission, but my luck fell through, and Im here with elder santos.
Conference sadly wasnt super crazy spiritual for me, because i had to watch it in spanish, and honestly didnt understand perfectly, but ive already downloaded all the conferences in english, so ill get back to you all on that one.
Nothing too crazyy this week either, but im going to work my new companion to death, thats the best way to do it.
Also speaking english is slowly going away, so thats good.
Love you all!
Elder Hodson