Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 25

A Week of Sickness

So in order to fulfill the title, this week was full of sickness.  Basically i woke up every single day with something new.  It started with a cough on monday, not bad, then tuesday a fever, then wednesday i woke up with more of a cold, then thursday night my stomach went insane, then thursday stomach and cough and cold, then friday i dont remember, then sunday i woke up with my throat loaded with flem.  Its really fun being sick in mexican heat.

But enough complaining.  So wednesday night the secretaries of the mission called and said elder hodson youre coming to xalapa to finish some visa stuff, so they bought me a bus ticket and thursday afternoon i went down.  Slept there, woke up friday and finished my papers, and they put me on a bus back to poza rica.  So that was an interesting detour.
On the best of the news.  We baptized yesterday woooo.  We officially have a ward mission leader and he took care of the program and everything, and it was amazing!  the best baptizm this ward has seen in a long time.  Super exciting.  The girl we baptized always reads the bom, always goes to church, and is great!  Her boyfriend baptized her and hopefully in a year ill see them go to the temple.  I also had the opportunity to give the aronic priesthood to my other convert here, and hes excited to work towards Melchizedek.  Alls good here in poza rica.  Baptizing before elder matul dies.
Also a family gave me their baby, and i got a really bad haircut dont judge me. Dont worry i only ruin my own pictures guys.
Love you friends

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 24


Well friends and family,

the time has come for elder Hodson 1 to retire and go home, and for the real slim shady... i mean Elder Hodson to please stand up.   Hahaha in all seriousness, extreme shout out to my amazing brother Riley for making it, and completely killin it through his mission, he fought his way to make it, but he did it, and he did it right, and If I could be half the missionary he was, Id be a dang good missionary.

But enough braggin about my brother.  In news of this Elder Hodson, we had changes this week wooooh.  And Elder Hodson is staying in Vegas to kill off Elder Matul.  And in doing so, they dropped elder Matul from district leader to the lower companion.  Forgot what its called in english.  So for some reason I am officially the senior companion over a missionary thats been out for 23 months haha.  So that being said more than likely i will either end up training after he goes home (pray for that) or Ill get a normal companion.  So i have at least 2 changes more in vegas.  Most likely ill stay here in the hottest place on earth for 6 months before they change me haha.

Other news, we confirmed our two converts yesterday, and i had the oppoturnity to confirm the husband, and that was nervewracking.  This upcoming sunday we have a baptism planned as well, for the girlfriend of one of our recent converts so thats really cool.  Lots of fruits from converts here.  We found another golden investigator this week as well, so she will get baptized hopefully sometime this month or change.  Lots of big things happening here for us in vegas.  Pray that elder hodson has a son in 6 weeks, i wanna train so bad!  Work my way up the ranks.
Oh and we went to peter piper this week.  And had karaoke and i sang in the jungle with the older white elder, so if i can get that video i will send it.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 23

Baptisms woohoo!

So elder matul and i this last saturday had a baptism of an older couple that i talked about last week woooooh!  It was super good, and really funny.  The husband is about my height and pretty big, so i had the opportunity to baptize him (my comp is 5´4) so when i had to baptize him, basically i went all the way down into the water as well as him.It was like i had to do a squat haha.  Ill throw in a few pictures, theyre super cool, and are going to be great members, already looking forward to the temple.

Also my neighbor enrique back in california was baptized 2 days ago, super exciting.

In other news Elder Matul and I go to xalapa tomorrow for a day wooooh.  Its the new missionary meeting, but we get to go so thats cool.  I get to be a newbie again and take a bus for 6 hours haha.  Pretty exciting stuff.
Not much else has happened.
Funny story, so we were at a recent converts house, and he was in his backyard, and we were talking for a minute and elder matul says, hey whats this, and it was a plant of weed, like full grown, then we looked around and he had like 4 full grown plants of weed hahahaha.  So we obviously took pictures with the weed.  I wanted to put it in the middle of d&c89, but i failed.  Its all good though, he doesnt use it, his mom does in a bottle with acohol for muscle pains as a skin rub.  Funny stuff.
Alls well here, love you all


Friday, February 5, 2016

Week 22

Rabbit & Puppies

I can never think of interesting titles for the week, so there it is, rabbit and puppies.

So this week was a little slow on finding new people to teach, but we have an amazing old couple thats getting baptized this upcoming sunday!!!!  So we have a baptism for a couple around the age of 68 or so, theyre slow to understanding, but theyre super chosen.  From the moment we teach a commandment, they live it!  We taught tithing the other day, and the next sunday they paid.  Taught word of wisdom, and hasnt touched coffee or cigarrettes since.  And theyre already married, super freaking cool. So this sunday theyre getting baptized, theryre like my mexican grandparents.  Ill take pictures on sunday with them.  We have them committed to the temple, and theyre already excited for that.  Starting my baptisms off right.
We have a few other investigators, but not a ton, this week is going to be a ton of finding work.  Still half of our problems are stupid husbands, but its all good.  
Rabbit story, we were walking down the street, and guess who tried to talk to us... A drunk, but not your ordinary drunk, this drunk spoke 5 words of english hahaha.  So he kept saying good day, and rabbit over and over again.  Drunk people are very funny people.  But it shows you why we have the word of wisdom.
Puppies bc i only have pictures of me with dogs this week.
Today for pday we went to............... Peter piper pizza.  Oh and they have a mall here with vans for the equivalent of 40$ or less, so hit me up and ill smugglesome home.
Funny silly elder hodson story, we have a thing that heats water up in a bucket, but its just ghetto (see pics), and if you put your hand in the water without removing the thingy, then it shocks you.  So me being me, unplugged it and being curious stuck my hand in, and bam it still shocked me, so now we know, dont touch sketchy metal electric things in water, even if theyre unplugged.
All is good here in the hottest place in the world.  Sweating like crazy, but i love it. I don´t have much to say this week sorry friends!