Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 41

Mi Cae Bien

This week fell me well.

No but seriously this week was good, we worked well, and we found some new people to teach, but they didnt go to church yesterday, so into the areabook they go.
Yesterday we woke up up at 530 am to go wake up a family, and when we got there they decided they didnt want to go and wanted to sleep.  It was really sad.  Its so sad to see people just denying the greatest blessings in the world and choose the "easy" way out and sleep.  That must be only a tiny bit of how God feels when we as his children decided not to follow him and do what we think is right, instead of following him.  I think God gives us trials like these as missionaries not only to humble us, but to teach us  for how the rest of life and the eternity will be.  Hopefully i get lucky like my parents and get super obedient children like myself and my brothers (hahahaha)
But besides that all that is interesting in santiago right now is theres a giant fair going on, and basically the entire city is there playing around, so it might be a slower week for street contacting.
Love you all!

Elder Hodson


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