Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 72


Well this week was definitely one for the books!

Besides all the reuinions and stuff we had, this week was quite fun and interesting.  On sunday we baptized jonathan!  Hes a 30 year old kid basically hahah.  Hes awesome.  He is a dentist, but i think he is the craziest dentist Ive ever met.  He had been taught by tons of missionaries, but with us it was just easy to teach him, and he got baptized.  After his baptism while we were waiting for the baptismal font to empty out he was just casually doing handstands and trying to climb things.  Hes a funny guy, reminds me of my brother tanner.

So we also had some fun with water yesterday.  For some reason we have always had problems with the font here in this building and yesterday was extra special.  We started off the day throwing buckets out of the window of the font because it wasnt draining, then we thought the hard part was over as we left the water running.  Then after an hour someone told us that the water stopped, so we had to fix that as well.   So we started filling the tank on the roof, but it was taking a while, so we found a little trick and got the font filled up and everything fine, and we left the water running to the roof tank.  This church building is a little old, and so the motor from the well didnt have a self turnoff, and 10 minutes later there was water coming from the roof in one of the rooms in the church.  So we spent about 30 minutes cleaning that up, and some laughs later and it was all ok.  We thought it was over, but when we got back to our house, there was once again water flowing off the roof.  We ran out of water in the morning, and once again we forgot to turn off the motor to the well, and there was water everywhere.  So yesterday we baptized our investigator, the church building, and our house hahaha.  

Besides that happpy birthday to my beautiful momma this week!  She is easily the best mom in the whole entire world, and if any of you see her give her a huge hug for me!  I am the happiest son in the world because of my awesome momma!
Love you all and especially my mom!
Elder Hodson


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week 71

Poza York

Well this week was fun.  Our zone started to work a lot better.  We decided to start a little competition this last week, partly because it was the last week of the change, and in the last week of change missionaries stop working, and partly because competitions are fun.  But the missionaries started working like crazy so that was a good result.

We also had changes this week, but my companion and i are staying the same, but there were lots of changes in our zone, so it should be a good little change in the zone, and hopefully we can keep them working.
This week should be fun as well, we have a baptism for next sunday, and lots of work for this week.  I love this area so much, on thursday two of our members came up to us and said "hey elders this is my nephew and his mom isnt member and they just came to live with us, and they have all the lessons as well, come visit them!" so that was pretty amazing, and we have some other families that we are working with.  This has been the best ward that i have ever been in and im really excited.  
Love you all!
Elder Hodson

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 70


Hey everyone really quick this week was great!  Not much to really report, so ill be quick.
On tuesday we had interview with president! and the entire time my companion and I had simulations with other missionaries to see how they are teaching, and I got surprisingly tired, it has to be extremely difficult to be a mission president or a bishop, or have interviews all day long.  It was fun to do though, because we learned a lot about the way we were teaching.  When Doctrine and Covenants says we dont teach without the spirit, it means we dont teach without the spirit, so we have been focusing on that as a zone in this week.  
Besides that not much interesting happened!
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


Monday, January 16, 2017

Another Facebook Find!

Week 69

Frio en Poza Rica

So this week was i think the first week of real cold I´ve felt in poza.  It got down to probably 40-45 degrees this week, it was basically a miracle, but of course as soon as it got cold, our hot water broke.
Besides that fun, we went to Xalapa for Mission council.  Its always fun to be a part of that.  Lots of things that we learn in council, and its usually missionaries that actually care about the work, so we can focus on what is actually important.  
That kind of took us out of our area for a little bit though, so we werent able to work as well as we could have, but we had some nice little miracles on sunday.  On tuesday we went out to a little area that we hadnt been to before, and started contacting.  After a few houses and no success, some little kid saw us yelled out "elderes" and ran up to us and gave us hugs.  That was a nice little surprise.  So we got to know him and his mom, and they are members that are newish in the area, but had recently gone less active, so we taught them, and excited them to go to church.  And of course on sunday they showed up, and ending the testimony meeting the little kid wanted to bear his testimony, so he pulled the "hey if you go up ill go up" so i accompanied him to bear his testimony.  Him as well as a few other kids bore their testimonies, and it was nice to see.  There are some very faithful children coming in these last days.
All is well, Love you all!
Elder Hodson


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 68

Happppy New Year

Happy new year everyone!  It felt like we were in the middle of world war 3 or something on new years there were so many fireworks.  The fireworks and parties lasted until we woke up sunday morning around 6, the party never ends here.  They have a weird tradition here where they buy a giant old guy and they explode it, but we had to be in our house super early, so we didnt see much.
This week was fairly slow because of all the parties and stuff, but we got to work with some other missionaries and sacrifice our own area for them.  We only really worked 2 days in our own area this week, and sacrifice brings blessings!  Our ward has really helped us out a ton.  
Our zone is slowly getting better, weekly they are hitting higher goals, and working harder.  Its a slow process, but its all uphill from here.  Our president trusts us a lot here in this zone, and sometimes i feel like its the blind leading the blind, but something we are doing is working right haha.
Not much else happened this week, on wednesday we go to xalapa for mission council, so im fairly excited for that, it´s always nice to get new ideas, and things to help us.
Love you all!
Elder Hodson