Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 38


Wellll friends and family this was a good week, but dang was it long.  Just a little rundown on how our area and house and stuff was.  The last set of missionaries didnt work im pretty sure, and they left the house in a wreck.  So i got here on tuesday, and we have deep cleaned the house.  Scrubbed the toilets, shower, sinks, and everything you can think of.  Ive killed probably 80 spiders, and well just cleaned a lot.  The house didnt have a toilet seat, shower curtain, basically it wasnt a wreck.  So like 60$ later and a whole lot of being macgyver we now have a really sweet house.  We also got an air conditioner.  Basically were just gonna turn the whole house upside down.  On terms of area, its still slow, we found a bunch of new investigators, but on sunday no one showed up sadly.  But this week is going to be different.  Its a good area, its just hard with the 8 am church time.
We have a solid 20 or less active members, but theyre all super nice.  Our branch president wants to work hard as well, he is just very military and rubs some people wrong, but he let us borrow an airconditioner so i like him.
My companion and i get along super well, hes from chihuahua mexico.  Hes a good worker, and hes been out 10 months.  
My district is a little rough.  I have sister missionaries and a set of elders, but my district is known for not working, were the sack of potatoes, but im gonna flip that around this change.  
Im gaining a huge testimony of street contacts here, we find lots of people from just pure street contacts, so opening your mouth just works well here.  Its forcing me to not be quiet with strangers.
Getting whitewashed in an area like this is super fun hahahaha.  I love it here though, the river is beautiful, the area is more fun than my last, i love my comp, the food is better, its harder here, but whats a mission without a little bit of a challenge right?


Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 37


Well friends and family the time has finally come for me to get out of vegas.  I didn´t think id ever make it out haha.

Im going to Santiago de la Peña in tuxpan as district leader.  I´m super excited, but a little bit nervous.  Its nice to have a responsibility now so thats pretty fun.  
My companion will be Elder Aguirr​e.  I think hes from the north of mexico, i met him one time, while he was secretary.  I think hes younger than me, but he got made secretary like 3 months out.  
My area from what Ive heard is fairly small, Ill be in a branch and the branch President has made a decent amount of his members go inactive, so hopefully we can help change the branch president.  Its exciting though.  My area is the river too, so i have to cross the river in a little boat every day.  Its like ghetto italy hahaha S/O to Mitchell.
But yeah thats my big change, im really excited, all you missionaries send me district class ideas, i dont know how to be district leader yet.
Besides that this week was good.  I got to see my momma and my pops, and that was awesome.  Its awesome to have good parents, and even better to see them after so long.
Im a little bit sad to say goodbye to my converts, but I´m glad to go to another area.  I've learned a lot from my converts and from the people here, but im ready for the next step.
Love you all!
Elder Hodson

1. My family. 2. Someone bought us hats. 3. I got krispy kremes smuggled in. 


Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 36


I still have yet to talk to my mother (tomorrowww) but i definitely have the absolute best mom in the entire world, i dont think a mom could get better in the world.  Shout out to jan hodson for being the best mom a son could ever ask for.  I cant wait to talk to her tomorrow and see my family!  Basically that is all, pictures later.  If anyone wants to have a best mom contest write me a letter, ill win!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 35

The Breakthrough

So this week was fairly good.  On saturday we were able to baptize a convert named Miriam, shes been an investigator for a good whle, but she just barely got baptized.  One of our other converts (her cousin) did the ordinance, but i confirmed her as member.  Its always a great experience to be a part of that change in someones life.

The breakthrough.  Well my companion has been one of a trouble maker in his mission when it comes to getting along with his other companions, and especially with controlling his anger.  So since i got here to this area, its been basically a test of patience every day.  Some days worse and some days less, but lately its been worse.  Yesterday during the day he got really angry with another missionary, and threw a fit, and later in the night a convert told him to stop being angry, and just called him out a little bit.  
Later that night, after we got home and showered and ready to sleep we had a solid heart to heart.  Basically 4 weeks of waiting patiently for my companion worked out for me.  He asked what is it that he does that is annoying, that makes it so others dont like him, basically he broke down his giant grumpy angry wall, and we made friends, now i love the kid, and i really want to help him out.  He really has the desire to change his attitude towards others, and wants to stop getting angry.  Im also really greatful for my pops, cause i just stole all the stuff he would tell me to change, and it works in every sense.
So that was cool.

Besides that mexico stays the same, getting cussed at and 110 degrees with tons of humidity. Love it.

Elder Hodson