Saturday, July 9, 2016

Week 44


Well it is the birthday of my country, and with that i am very happy.  Sadly im here in mexico, and i have no other gringos in my district, and there is only 3 of us here in the zone, so ill just casually sing im proud to be an american in my head.  For all of you at home, enjoy fireworks, and the right to own a gun.
This week was good!  We had 5 investigadors yesterday at church, and im pretty sure thats a record for santiago, so if all goes well we should have a decent amount of baptisms this change, so thats exciting.  My companion is Elder Chavez, slightly odd, but hes a good kid.  Hes from DF mexico, and he is a chilango.  Hes a good kid, and we work well together, so hopefully all goes well.
This week we worked in a little pueblo called don diego, and we found lots of people that love to listen to us, so we should have some success in there, but they are very humble people, and once again, husbands almost dont exist there.  But were going to keep our eyes out and contact every man that we see haha, this branch desperately needs priesthood, and a new branch president, so were gonna work on that.
Thats about all there is for this week, it was a fairly normal week, but im loving the mission and its always the best here!
Elder Hodson

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