Thursday, March 31, 2016

Week 30

Sending my comp home with wet baptismal clothes

Well according to the tradition, Elder Matul went home today with wet baptismal clothes in his suitcase.  It has been awesome to be able to serve with him, and hes been an amazing missionary.  Its always cool to be able to see a worthy missionary serve two years, and go home happy without doubts of what he did.

On other news our two baptisms went well!  We have a couple new investigators, but the rest of this week im left without a companion because of weird changes, but ive got a few youth from the ward to be my companions for the week, so im gonna tire out some poor youth walking hahaha.  Hopefully ill still be able to find new people while juggling having to teach a ton.  Its gonna be difficult,but  fun.
I dont have a ton to say, just that im really excited for the upcoming transfer, its gonna be a transfer of lots of change.  Pray they give me a newbie haha.
On funny stories......... i dont remember any.  Maybe later.
Short lame email, but be prepared for a ton of pictures woooh.


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