Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 27

The biggest house in Mexico

Or so.

Well this week once again was a little more slow than usual. I don't know what's happening, but numbers are just falling, and people bail on church. We're more obedient than ever, but the work goes on. 
We found a few new investigators this week, but only 2 really have something interesting. First the one that will actually progress is the sister of the girl we just baptized. Her husband was baptized like 15 years ago, but is inactive, and she is really cool. We haven't taught a whole ton, but she understands everything, and came to church. She's been going to a Christian church, which is also good, because stuff makes sense for her. 
The other news we found contacting in a park, and they are house sitters for a house here. They only told us their house has a pool, and the next day we went searching, and a few hours later we found it, at the end of a little 5 minute jungle hike, and lemme tell ya, its enormous. Like 12000 sq ft or so, but there is so much land, and it's super cool. The family that watches the house is a family with very little education, very humble, but live in a mansion, and are paid to do so haha.  The owner of the house apparently is a owner of hotels here and has tons of houses. 
Also had a few more drunk encounters so that was fun.

But overall an ok week, we need to pick up some numbers, but it's all good. Life's good here in Poza Rica, super hot and super humid. 
Love you all friends. 
Elder Hodson
my failed 6 months, pday feast, house, and more food haha


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