Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 28

Typhoid in Vegas

Well this week was a different one.  Not too much work, but im unusually happy.

Yesterday we had a priesthood meeting, and our old convert (samuel) got up and bore his testimony, then a convert that we reactived just a few weeks ago got up and bore his aswell.  Then after the meeting the two of them both recieved the melquisedek priesthood, which was a really cool thing to be a part of.  The less active is 20 years old, and now hes super pumped about a mission, so thats pretty exciting.
Work wise, we found a new this week. Recently married, his wife is a member of years, and shes really strong in the faith, and they have a baby on the way in about 3 months, so thats pretty dang awesome.  So hes going to be a good convert. Our other investigator julia is still progressing, basically when we teach she already knows everything, so its just a waiting game.  Shes pretty crazy though haha.  She always always always comments on my eyes, and she has a husband and at times its awkward haha.
My companion goes home in 2 weeks, so theres that.
In other news the other white missionary got typhoid this week.  So hes absolutely misirable, and they broke some rules with getting an iv or something, and president is roasting his companion, but the poor white kid is just dying.  Its probably a good thing they gave him an iv, bc sister pres said just to drink water and salt, and he would probs go home if he followed that advice.  As bad as it is to be obedient, not dying and getting an iv is more important haha.  
But besides that our week was fairly boring.
Love you friends 
Elder Hodson
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