Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 29

Lots and lots of food

This week was a week of lots of eating.  Lots and lots of food was eaten this week.

On other news we have two baptisms coming up this week.  Two miracles, and im super excited.
So the first is julia arleth, she had her interview yesterday, and she basically is already member, she knows everything, and it was really easy to teach her.  Shes pretty golden, im excited about that.
The other is melanie.  Shes 8 but her brother got baptized, and were slowly baptizing the whole family.  A while back we asked permision to baptize her, but her mom said no, but on tuesday we went to their house and we were in the middle of a zone fast, and her mom finally said yes! so she had her interview yesterday, and on friday night she gets baptized! miracles and testimony of fasting.
On a note of funny stories, in the gym in the morning a random guy came up to me and started speaking english, and said to me in his broken  english " oh you have a really nice body, i  like your body, you have good genetics" granted hes not gay, he just didnt speak english well, and wanted to speak the little he knew, it was funny.
But thats about it for the week, nothing too interesting, but the computer wont let me send pictures, so thats lame.

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