Saturday, March 5, 2016

Week 26

A fairly slow week
I don´t know if i forgot everything this week, or just was a slow week, but there is not much to report.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of lessons fell through, and of course the people we had planned for church fell through, so this is going to be a large week of searching.  Its difficult because we still have lots of recent convert lessons to teach, but the mission is so strict on teaching investigators it makes it difficult to find time to teach.  But all is well.
We found a new investigator, hes about 16, but really wants to change his life, and has already accepted a baptismal date and is on his way.  The large problem is his family is a little thick skulled, especially the dad.  A lot of what we have seen here is the difference in a family centered in christ, that wants the best for their children, and families that have no respect for the other, and dont want their children to succeed.  Something that makes no sense, but the majority of our problem with finding people is the dad or husband is slow to his senses, and makes it difficult.  So the lesson for the week friends is desire with all your heart the best for your children.  If they have desires to change for the best, then support them.  Definitely an eyeopener to the rest of the world.
But enough of the negative nancy.  I dont have a funny story to tell..........  But i did manage to find a peacock this week!!! I didnt think i would ever see a peacock in my life, but we were contacting, and bam a peacock.  Also a cool volkswagen, and cool trash.
Elder Hodson


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