Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 8

When in the States

Dear friendlies,

So this pday, we went to lululemon to buy some pants, and it was the
weirdest thing in the world to be in a mall while on a mission haha.
But the pants are the best things in the world. I'll put a picture in

Uhh this week was good. We were supposed to have one investigator at
church, but he flaked out and went to soccer instead, which was a
little annoying.

Last week I was really bored, so I stole I think Riley's idea, and we
called every single person on the area book, and we ended up with 3
new appointments. Granted two of them flaked, but we have one new
family. All they need is to get married, so we're hopeful. We also
taught our neighbor, and he seemed to like it. He's already seen the
hand of God in his life, he just doesn't go to church. He's a cool
guy. But yeah a lot more to do this past week. We knocked one door,
and they were playing I'm a Barbie girl in the background, it was

My companions are still funny guys, they're getting better in some
departments, and the same in others. But we're working on it. If
anyone has some motivation ideas let me know.
I've eaten 3 chiles de Arbol this week. Super hot. My comp soto puked
when he ate one of them. It was so funny. I can handle hotter than my

Spanish is going slowly, because my comps still talk in English, but I
figure if I don't get it here, I for sure will in Mexico.
No news on my visa though.

This week was good though. Still searching for more to do though. I
did find a good scripture, it's proverbs 16:32 "32 He that is slow to
anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he
that taketh a city."

Not much else to report.

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