Friday, October 23, 2015

Week 7

The greenie/gringo life

Hello family and friendlies,

Oh before I talk about the Roseville mission, I gotta say that I saw
Benson elhert before I left the Mtc!!! It was crazy, I haven't seen
him since the good old days. He's going to Argentina which is super
cool. It was fun to talk to him, but the pictures are on my camera,
and I'm a fancy iPad missionary now.

So how does one explain the mission I'm in.

First I got two native companions, one is elder Escalante from Peru,
and the other is elder soto from Guatemala. They're both fluent in
English, so I just talk in Spanish to them and they respond in English
and we correct each other. Idk if it's better this way, but it works.
But they're both super funny, and we joke around a ton. Riddles with
them is hilarious, so if anyone has some good ones let me know.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the trainer and they're the greenies hahaha.
They're good guys though, I'll definitely have a ton of stories about
them by the time I leave here. They're like nacho and estaban from
nacho libre basically. "I am going to batize you."

So I'm pretty pampered here as well haha, so don't worry about that. I
got an iPad, which is kind of annoying cause I'll have to give it up
when I leave which is super sad. Also have a car, and like the biggest
area in the mission because we're Spanish. We drive a ton which is
kind of lame. My apartment is pretty nice, we have ac and hot water so
it's already better than Mexico haha.

For everyone wondering yes, I did get chipotle. I also got Taco Bell
on the way from the airport to the mission office, because I was with
the aps haha.

This week was kind of terrible investigator wise which sucked. We
taught like one lesson, and every single time we tried finding they
weren't home or had an excuse. It was pretty annoying. We did manage
to find one new potential investigator. She seemed pretty interested,
so hopefully it will work out. We have an appointment tomorrow with
her I think. I think we have one baptism date with a 16 year old, but
we have to move it, because he didn't come to church. He always has
soccer on Sunday's.

Spanish is hard to learn here, because everyone speaks Spanglish or
English to us, so I'm pretty excited for Mexico in that aspect, so I
can be forced to learn.

Overall a pretty good week. It's a lot of work, but nothing we can't
do. Pretty excited for this week, hopefully we get some more work than
this week.

Love you all!
Elder Hodson 2

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