Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 5

It's only just begun

Well i'm almost done with the mtc which is amazing, but I've got some hard news for everyone to take.......

I'm getting reassigned to Roseville California for my first transfer.  I pretty much knew I was getting reassigned by wednesday, but I was just hoping I would get reassigned to Pocatello Idaho hahaha.  It's alright though, it's only one transfer which isn't too bad.  I don't mind.  It was like reopening my mission call a second time.  But yeah California for my first transfer, which means I get the benefits of having stateside packages for one more transfer hahahaha, sorry mom.
Today is still my P-day which is kind of weird, because we have to do our laundry and emailing in between sessions which is super off.  But it's all good.  It's just lame cause 2 weeks with no temple, BUT I"M SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE!!!!!!  Everyone better be watching conference all day today and tomorrrow.  It's gonna be so amazing, I can't wait to see who gets called.
This last tuesday we had claudio Costa of the 70 come and talk to us, and he was super amazing.  It was cool to see someone with an accent still get a good talk across to us, it gives me faith that even with my crap spanish I'll be able to bring some spirit across in lessons and stuff.
I never officially said I got made district leader, but I got made district leader haha.  it's nothing special in the mtc.
I also never told you about my teachers.  One is hermana anderson and she's super short and way too energetic.  She tells stories like chelsea would tell stories it's funny.  Shes good, but she has her days where she just is off.  Our other teacher is hermano wolfe, who might as well be one of the 70's.  He teaches exactly like a 70, i swear has every scripture off the top of his head, and always gives super good lessons.  He's a little bit more difficult to want to go to his class, but I always get something out of it.

I'm doing good nevertheless.  It's just every day is 12 hours of class, so i'm learning a ton.  I just started to mark my spanish scriptures, so if anyone has any good techniques lemme know.  I think I'm getting another little cold which is gay.
I never know what to write in main emails, the MTC is kind of super boring hahaha.  I'm just super excited to get into the field and actually start working, and having something to do, so forgive my short emails.
Also you all better be paying attention to conference, because it's gonna be amazing.
Love you all,
Elder Hodson 2
The awesome pin my grandma sent me.

The one and only Elder Olsen

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