Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 4

Hump Week

Uhhhhhh what happened this week.  Elder lewis and elder Hecker (both from cht) left this week which sucks, but at the same time elder Olsen came in to my zone, and Elder dunn is here at the mtc now.  Super dope.  It's so much different to have been here a few weeks and see the new people coming in.  They'll be just fine.

So after district a left, I stole their mini fridge, so now our district has a mini fridge hahahaha. 
Uhh our song last sunday went super good.  Call me the motab director, because yeah.
Wednesday I was a little off, and I just didn't have the spirit in any of my lessons, and it was a good humbling day.  I learned that I can't speak for crap without the spirit, so ever since then, my lessons have been going a lot more smooth.  Learning a ton here though.  Super excited to actually get in the field and understand no spanish.
Being district leader kind of is dumb in the mtc.  Basically I just have an extra 4 hours of meetings on sunday.  At least i get to pick who does prayer and stuff in class every day /s hahaa.  But my district is super good at spanish.  Our teachers can be a little strict, but we love them.  I don't have any super cool stories to tell, besides it's hump week and I'm already ready to get out of here.
Oh and I still don't have my visa, so i'm just praying that if i get reassigned I get reassigned to idaho hahaha.
Uhh nothing crazy this week, no cool story of haircuts.  Every day just feels like a year, but at the same time like 5 minutes.  Time doesn't exist.
Oh and my entire district has yoyos now, so you could pretty much call us pro's lol
Love you all,
Elder Hodson 2

My camera sucks half the time, so Yeah.


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