Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week 67

A White Christmas

Merry Christmas from Poza Rica!!!!  It was only 95 degrees outside yesterday for christmas hahaha!  I love it.

So for Christmas we ended up baptizing!  It was actually a miracle!  We found this hermana the first day i showed up.  Her 3 older kids are members already of the church, and she wasnt able to get baptized before because she was living with someone, and he didnt want to get married, nor leave the house.  But when we found her, her husband thing had just left for good from the house!  So since we started teaching her she has just been golden, and she already knew everything.  But on saturday she ended up telling us that she wanted to wait until the 8th of january to get baptized, but we explained to her that we didnt want satan to win, so she got excited again.  Later that night we got a call from a member in the ward who went to visit her and she told him that she didnt want to get baptized again, so we just decided okay, we wont pressure her.  So we showed up to sacrament meeting and there she was sitting with her backpack full of extra clothes and towels, and she was ready to be baptized, and she just said "were going to beat satan right?" so we had a little mini heart attack fill up the baptismal font, and run to the house for baptismal clothing, and at the end of the day she was able to be baptized by her 16 year old son.  Really fun baptism, and a huge blessing.

Oh and I talked to my family, that was cool.  
Besides that one of my best friends in the mission just got sent to my zone ! so thats gonna be fun haha.  
Love you all!


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