Friday, December 23, 2016

Week 66


Its kind of hard to remember that sunday is going to be christmas when its always hot outside, but were trying to get into the christmas spirit by serving and working as hard as we can, and of course baptizing!

This week was once again slammed, on monday we had to send some missionaries to xalapa at 4 in the morning, and babysit some other missionaries for a few hours, tuesday we were in the bus station from 5 am until about 3,  wednesday I got a random trip to xalapa and back for my visa, thursday we had to take care of the assistants, friday we had our zone christmas conference, and saturday we finally had a day to work hahahah!  But after so much stuff saturday we were kind of worn out.  But even though we had about 2 days of working hours, we  still ending up having better results than almost the whole zone!  We are trying to learn to get rid of excuses in our zone, excuses are just a lack of faith.
This week we were also able to baptize!  Argelia was able to get baptized, as well as a little girl named Allyson, but she counted for the ward because she is only 8 and her mother is member.  But it was a great baptism, and we had tons of support from our ward.  This family was inactive for about 15 years, and the missionaries before me found them, and started to reactivate them, and Argelia´s husband was able to recieve the priesthood and was able to baptize his wife.  The family has changed 100% since they got back to the church, and its a great blessing to be able to be a part of that change.
In this christmas week I just want to invite you all to learn what true christmas spirit is... Serving your fellow being!  For those who have yet to see this years christmas video from the church, go see it on!  Follow the ideas that come from each day in these last days before christmas.  Do everything you can to be able to serve someone else, Make Christmas great again.. 
Love you all and merry christmas!
Elder Hodson


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