Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 65

Consejo y TRABAJO

Well this week was a weird one.  On Monday we went to xalapa from here (about 6 hours), then had whats called consejo with our president and the assistants and all the other zone leaders, and we got to talk about the goals, achievements, and plans for the mission.  We talked about a talk that Elder Bednar gave in Conferenced called "ye knew me not" and its a great talk.  Talks about if we really know christ, or if we are just coming to know more about Christ.

Then on Wednesday we gave our zone class, and so about half of our working week was taken up in those things.  My companion told me that consejo makes it really hard to work, and I definitely saw that, but either way we just kept on working, and we had one of the worst weeks numbers wise, but For the sacrifice of those few days heavenly father made up for it, and we had a great day in church on sunday.  We have a few familes progressing, and a baptism set for next sunday, and the sunday after, and theres a little miracle in there for the week after.  Exciting stuff.  
Ive also learned that being a zone leader sometimes is just being "chief Morale Officer" as my dad would call it.  But its honestly really fun, you learn a ton when you have other missionaries to take care of.  I feel like this is how parents have to feel when their kids wont do the right thing.  Or how God feels when we dont keep his commandments.
Besides that all is good.  We played jeopardy as a zone in the morning, and we went to a teleton hospital, where they take care of kids that have physical and mental problems, and we were able to serve there and help them out.  I love service.  For those who havent seen it yet, go to Mormon.org, and watch the video, and check out the ideas to become more like christ.  It´s nice to have a daily plan for these days before christmas!
oh also i have the coolest grandma in the world.
Love you all!
Elder Hodson
The couch pic was a collection of things we found in our house, and an ugly sweater someone gave to me.
We also saw my first converts, and they are officially missionaries in the stake center, and they have nametags and everything.


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