Friday, December 9, 2016

Week 63

Zone Leader !

So this week was a combination of crazy stuff!  We finally got this area working on its on, and we have a few families in teaching, and I already fell in love with this area, and i got a call last night from our assistants, and its something i knew was going to happen, but i got called to be zone leader in the zone where i started my mission!  Its the ward thats in the same building where i went to when i was just a little greenie haha.  But im nervous, but excited!  Im humbled to be a zone leader, but happy that the lord trusts me enough to serve in this assignment.  The exciting part is ill be able to see all my converts and my old couple!

Besides that i spent 2 days dying in home, then on thursday i felt 100 times better and we could work!  And we basically made up for all the work we lost in those days, and we worked our butts off! 
Im sad to be leaving my son, but he is more than ready to go out on his own haha, hes been amazing, and is a great missionary, so im stoked for him.  
Besides that the work goes on i guess haha, every area is awesome, and im excited to be able to keep working.
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


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