Friday, December 9, 2016

Week 64

Poza York

Well this was my first week as zone leader here in poza rica, and dang the learning curve of being a missionary hits hard as a zone leader.  Its honestly been a huge testimony builder for me to see how much of a difference the little things, and obedience in the little things make a huge change and a huge difference in the work. Its just the question of how can we help the rest of our missionaries see that and comprehend that.

But Im loving it here in poza rica.  Its hot as all death again, but im across the street from my first area here, so i feel at home haha.  My companion is awesome as well, his name is Elder Dominguez, hes got a really cool story.  Hes fairly new in the mission as well, he only has 8 months, but he has been a great missionary.  His Family got baptized about a year ago, but he has the light of someone thats been a member his whole life.  Aparrently his mom a few years back met his now step dad on facebook.  His dad lived in utah, but was working in the airforce on a base here in mexico.  Somehow they ended up dating, and after a short while getting married, and his mom and his sister got baptized first.  He was rebellious, and didnt want to join in on the fun, so he didnt get baptized.  His family started to pray and fast for him, and prayed that he might be humbled, and he was humbled, and humbled very well according to him, and took the missionary lessons, and was baptized.  He had a full conversion, and after a year, and lots of preparation hes here in the mission!  Its fun being with him, and we have lots of work, but lots of desires for this zone, and we are going to have the best zone in the mission.

I got here and thanks to the work of other missionaries, we had two baptisms!  They had been in teaching for about 4 months, and are really good people.  But ill include the pictures in the end. 
Besides that all is well, i love the mission, and Im having tons of fun.
Elder Hodson


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