Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 57

General Conference

This week was a hard one !  But the workis the work.  Tuesday we were getting everything set up for a pair of investigators to get married, and later that day the husbands father had a heart attack and passed away.  He has been having a rough time with that, and as a result he went back to his old ways of drinking to cover the pain. So we have to work really hard with him to get things back to normal,  I really hope we can help him to see the importance of baptism to his salvation, and the future salvation of his father.

I think the hardest part of teaching the gospel is getting people to give up traditions of man for teachings of God.
We also had a baptism that was set for sunday, but the joven´s parents got very upset with him, and basically locked him in the house, and lots of problems with his parents because of gossip and false doctrine about the church.  But we are going to be like alma and baptize is secret haha,he is 20 years old either way, but it was a let down this sun.
On a good note CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING. Lots and lots of bashing on the members haha.  Hopefully the members here took something out of it.  Something i learned was we judge people when we shouldnt. I have said "no lets not bring that member, bc ive heard he is crazy." and i am denying them the opportunity to preach the gospel.  So we are starting to visit all the members and getting their work hours to be able to bring them to lessons, and show them how unuseful itis to contact, instead of references.
Thats all for this week, i love it here!
Elderr Hodson

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