Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 60


I think the most exciting phone call ive gotten in my mission happened today!  We were just casually studying, and the assistants called me to tell me that I will be training this upcoming change!!!!  This week was really rough, but that call just made it all better!  So today is my official pday because on monday i will be going to recieve my little son.  Im honestly so excited, and humbled by the opportunity.

Besides that this week was kind of rough!  But its all good.   We didnt have too much success this week, and sadly one of our investigators wont be able to get baptized for a little longer, because of some past problems, and honestly that has been hard for me, but its all good, we are going to keep on working with him.  
Im really excited to be able to work with a new, because training always has tons of miracles, and this should be a super fun change! 
But thats about all, i wont be able to write until the next monday, so keep us in our prayers, i need to baptize weekly!
Elder Hodson


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