Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 58

Conferencia de Estaca

This week was awesome!  Im finally into the position where i actually know the area, and have it set in a better way.

This week started off great!  We found 5 news on tuesday, so we put ourselves in a much better position.  We found one guy thats 25 years old, and he is the definition of what a convert will be.  He let us in, and understood everything perfect.  When he heard that we have a prophet today, he couldnt be happier, and basically was signing up to be baptized.  Hes a little bit weird, but he is excited to be able to change his life.  He went to stake conference, and our mission president was super excited to see him as well.  Im really excited for him.  The day after we taught him he went to the catholic church, and told them they were wrong, and he is never going back there!  Its gonna be fun to teach him.  He really is a huge blessing.

We also had interviews and some special changes with our assistants, so this week was a little hectic, but were back to normal.

The work is moving along now, im planning the bauticambio, i should be able to do it here.
In stake conference, the stake president talked about the requirements to live in the celestial kingdom, and they really arent easy requirements, so all of you at home, think about what youre doing today to prepare to become like god, and to live in the presence of a celestial being!

Love you all!  
Elder Hodson
The pic with the random stranger was a drunk guy that was telling me we were basically twins, and that i was black hahaha.  Oh we had a quick little basketball match, and the court was a little dirty.


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