Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 56

La Gloria Celestial

Well one week here in Coatepec and i am absolutely in love with this area.  i swear its been everything Ive been waiting for my whole mission.  basically everything i have complained about my mission doesnt exist here haha.  It´s cold here, basically that sums up a lot.  But the work here is going real nice.  We have a baptism this sunday, and the sunday after, and hopefully we have a miracle for the 16th, we have a family for that day, but its not set completely yet, but ill talk about her in a sec.

Its been great this week though, we hit the ground running here, and im excited for that.  Its the first companion in a long time that hasnt been dead, so thats exciting.  He literally takes talk with everyone literally, and i absolutely love that!  Its something i havent been good at, but he just talks to everyone, no fear in that little man.  
My district is great as well,  I have the two assistents, and elder santos(my old companion), and his companion.  So its really fun.  I dont have to pressure them either which is nice, we are setting up what we called a bautidistritomes, where each of us baptizes every week of the month of octuber.  Its a huge goal of mine that i really want to work out,  so we are working super hard for that.
A really cool experience happened to me this week, i think it was thursday.  In the morning i had studied D&C 29, and it talks a lot about the plan of salvation, but verse 39 really stuck out to me in the morning and it says
39 And it must needs be that the devil should tempt thechildren of men, 
or they could not be agents untothemselves; for if they never should have bitter 
they could not know the sweet—
So I read that in the morning, really liked it, kept on studying, and yeah.  Later that day we had a lesson with someone that i had yet met, and she is great.  her husband is member, and they have two children who are yet members, but they have had some huge problems in their marriage, and she has been struggling a lot.  So we started to teach her, and I decided I would share that same scripture with her, and she really was touched by that scripture, so we invited her to know the sweet.  Still hasnt accepted baptism yet, but she came to church even though she had other plans set, and she was sitting with her husband.  I cant explain it well, but it was a huge testimony builder for me because i had yet met her, but the lord was preparing me to be a tool in his hands.
Besides that all is happy, im going to chilis tomorrow, so im super happy.
Love you all!
Elder Hodson

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