Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 59

Ciudad de Café

Well one more week here in the great pueblo of coatepec.  I love it here!  Ive been having a great time here.

This week was good!  We have been working a lot more by the church building, but i feel like that area is a little overworked, but were going to keep looking around.
Our golden investigator carlos keeps on being golden.  We managed to contact his entire family as well.  They are all equally as weird hahaha, but theyre awesome!  The dad apparently 40 years ago took lessons with missionaries, but still isnt convinced, but he has started his search.  They are all very accepting, and so far have fulfilled their commitments, so thats always exciting.
On a sad note, saturday we were going to baptize, but 0 members showed up to the baptism, so instead of having a really depressing baptism, we decided to move it.  Im honestly a little upset, and just embarrased for our investigator, but he didnt seem too upset.  Its been hard for him as well to make the sacrifice for the gospel, but he is willing to keep pushing on. 
My invintation to everyone at home is not to be a sunday only member, and to learn that the gospel is every single day. Especially in these last days, everytime i hear whats happening with our two candidates for president, it just is a showing that the second coming is near.  And like my president says im going to the celestial kingdom, but the question is are you coming with me? So make sure youre all ready for that day.
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


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