Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 54

La villa

Well another week.  Zika was not bad!  Maybe i didnt have zika, but i might have who knows.  My companion had a fever, and a lot more symptoms, but i just had the red dots.  Im just lucky i guess.  But yeah we didnt do much this week because of that.

Of the things we did do, all went well.  Two of our most certain investigators sadly dont want anything to do with us anymore, because of social pressure.  Its so sad to see a person get so close to reaching salvation, and a better life, then letting it go because of social pressure.
We had zone conference and stake conference, so it was lots of conference.  Zone conference was sweet though! Instead of focusing on things that really never change and unreachable desires, they talked about the basics of teaching.  And i think a lot of us realized our teaching always needs to improve.  It was good.  The zone leaders and assistants taught the classes, it was fun.  Stake conference as well went good, lots of missionary work talk.  There were two little girls that gave talks, and they brought a stronger spirit than the rest of the talks haha.  

Today we went out and went pyramid hunting, and we saw a little hidden waterfall.  It was pretty awesome, ill throw some pics in.
Besides that work is fun, just keeping on!  Next week are changes, so more than likely ill be losing my white friend, and itll be back to real life haha.
Love you all! 
Elder Hodson


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