Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 53

Hump daaaaaaaaay

So with this was my hump week, so that was interesting!  We didnt do much special, but i did my traditional shirt burning, and worked haha.  It was a good day though, i did some rethinking and some goal setting for this next year, and i have some solid goals i would like to complete, so im started off running again haha.

Im enjoying this area a lot, its still a hard area, but we have some awesome members, and we have found a decent amount of investigators, but we feel like this area has some sort of curse on it, because every investigator we find that is "gold" ends up with some sort of struggle, but its really teaching us patience, as well as problem solving.
On a sad note, i think im getting a disease called zika, my entire body is covered in red dots, and my companion as well has it.  Its zika, chinkonguya or dengue, but we are gonna see what happens.  I dont feel sick at all, but my body is covered in red dots.  so its going to be a rest week for sure!  But i keep telling my body to not get sick, so im not gonna get sick.
I have been studying a lot this week about the atonement of jesus christ, and i like the simple fact that atonement means to be at one.  As we come to use the power of the atoning sacrifice that jesus did for us, we will become more at one with him, and the closer we are to him the closer we are to becoming perfect like he is.  I invite you all to study a little bit about the atonement each day, its amazing the change in attitude it brings!
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


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