Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 55

Coatepec El pueblo magico

Changeeeeesssss woooh, i am going to an area called coatepec.  And as far as ive heard it is amazing there(also that it is the coffee capital of mexico)!  I will be serving as district leader with elder Perez, and I am honestly so excited to be able to go to xalapa!  I was only in this area for 5 weeks haha, but im honestly super excited to be able to serve in that area, and ive already got some references from a super awesome member who is from coatepec who has a ton of family there, so i promised her id baptize her family if she came to the baptisms haha.

Besides that not much news,  this week was a hard week for us, lots of dry contacts and people that dont have any desire to be blessed and be recieved in the glory of god.
Something i love to study and is a great thing to study is grace.  But i honestly cannot explain it as well as brad wilcox, so i invite you all to listen to his grace is sufficient by brad wilcox.  One of my favorite parts is when he says "Heaven wont be heaven for those who are not heavenly". This life and our purpose is to live with our heavenly father, and now my desire is to help others to recognize why that is so important.  

I love you all!
Elder Hodson


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