Friday, February 5, 2016

Week 22

Rabbit & Puppies

I can never think of interesting titles for the week, so there it is, rabbit and puppies.

So this week was a little slow on finding new people to teach, but we have an amazing old couple thats getting baptized this upcoming sunday!!!!  So we have a baptism for a couple around the age of 68 or so, theyre slow to understanding, but theyre super chosen.  From the moment we teach a commandment, they live it!  We taught tithing the other day, and the next sunday they paid.  Taught word of wisdom, and hasnt touched coffee or cigarrettes since.  And theyre already married, super freaking cool. So this sunday theyre getting baptized, theryre like my mexican grandparents.  Ill take pictures on sunday with them.  We have them committed to the temple, and theyre already excited for that.  Starting my baptisms off right.
We have a few other investigators, but not a ton, this week is going to be a ton of finding work.  Still half of our problems are stupid husbands, but its all good.  
Rabbit story, we were walking down the street, and guess who tried to talk to us... A drunk, but not your ordinary drunk, this drunk spoke 5 words of english hahaha.  So he kept saying good day, and rabbit over and over again.  Drunk people are very funny people.  But it shows you why we have the word of wisdom.
Puppies bc i only have pictures of me with dogs this week.
Today for pday we went to............... Peter piper pizza.  Oh and they have a mall here with vans for the equivalent of 40$ or less, so hit me up and ill smugglesome home.
Funny silly elder hodson story, we have a thing that heats water up in a bucket, but its just ghetto (see pics), and if you put your hand in the water without removing the thingy, then it shocks you.  So me being me, unplugged it and being curious stuck my hand in, and bam it still shocked me, so now we know, dont touch sketchy metal electric things in water, even if theyre unplugged.
All is good here in the hottest place in the world.  Sweating like crazy, but i love it. I don´t have much to say this week sorry friends!


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