Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 23

Baptisms woohoo!

So elder matul and i this last saturday had a baptism of an older couple that i talked about last week woooooh!  It was super good, and really funny.  The husband is about my height and pretty big, so i had the opportunity to baptize him (my comp is 5´4) so when i had to baptize him, basically i went all the way down into the water as well as him.It was like i had to do a squat haha.  Ill throw in a few pictures, theyre super cool, and are going to be great members, already looking forward to the temple.

Also my neighbor enrique back in california was baptized 2 days ago, super exciting.

In other news Elder Matul and I go to xalapa tomorrow for a day wooooh.  Its the new missionary meeting, but we get to go so thats cool.  I get to be a newbie again and take a bus for 6 hours haha.  Pretty exciting stuff.
Not much else has happened.
Funny story, so we were at a recent converts house, and he was in his backyard, and we were talking for a minute and elder matul says, hey whats this, and it was a plant of weed, like full grown, then we looked around and he had like 4 full grown plants of weed hahahaha.  So we obviously took pictures with the weed.  I wanted to put it in the middle of d&c89, but i failed.  Its all good though, he doesnt use it, his mom does in a bottle with acohol for muscle pains as a skin rub.  Funny stuff.
Alls well here, love you all


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