Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 25

A Week of Sickness

So in order to fulfill the title, this week was full of sickness.  Basically i woke up every single day with something new.  It started with a cough on monday, not bad, then tuesday a fever, then wednesday i woke up with more of a cold, then thursday night my stomach went insane, then thursday stomach and cough and cold, then friday i dont remember, then sunday i woke up with my throat loaded with flem.  Its really fun being sick in mexican heat.

But enough complaining.  So wednesday night the secretaries of the mission called and said elder hodson youre coming to xalapa to finish some visa stuff, so they bought me a bus ticket and thursday afternoon i went down.  Slept there, woke up friday and finished my papers, and they put me on a bus back to poza rica.  So that was an interesting detour.
On the best of the news.  We baptized yesterday woooo.  We officially have a ward mission leader and he took care of the program and everything, and it was amazing!  the best baptizm this ward has seen in a long time.  Super exciting.  The girl we baptized always reads the bom, always goes to church, and is great!  Her boyfriend baptized her and hopefully in a year ill see them go to the temple.  I also had the opportunity to give the aronic priesthood to my other convert here, and hes excited to work towards Melchizedek.  Alls good here in poza rica.  Baptizing before elder matul dies.
Also a family gave me their baby, and i got a really bad haircut dont judge me. Dont worry i only ruin my own pictures guys.
Love you friends

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