Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 24


Well friends and family,

the time has come for elder Hodson 1 to retire and go home, and for the real slim shady... i mean Elder Hodson to please stand up.   Hahaha in all seriousness, extreme shout out to my amazing brother Riley for making it, and completely killin it through his mission, he fought his way to make it, but he did it, and he did it right, and If I could be half the missionary he was, Id be a dang good missionary.

But enough braggin about my brother.  In news of this Elder Hodson, we had changes this week wooooh.  And Elder Hodson is staying in Vegas to kill off Elder Matul.  And in doing so, they dropped elder Matul from district leader to the lower companion.  Forgot what its called in english.  So for some reason I am officially the senior companion over a missionary thats been out for 23 months haha.  So that being said more than likely i will either end up training after he goes home (pray for that) or Ill get a normal companion.  So i have at least 2 changes more in vegas.  Most likely ill stay here in the hottest place on earth for 6 months before they change me haha.

Other news, we confirmed our two converts yesterday, and i had the oppoturnity to confirm the husband, and that was nervewracking.  This upcoming sunday we have a baptism planned as well, for the girlfriend of one of our recent converts so thats really cool.  Lots of fruits from converts here.  We found another golden investigator this week as well, so she will get baptized hopefully sometime this month or change.  Lots of big things happening here for us in vegas.  Pray that elder hodson has a son in 6 weeks, i wanna train so bad!  Work my way up the ranks.
Oh and we went to peter piper this week.  And had karaoke and i sang in the jungle with the older white elder, so if i can get that video i will send it.

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