Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 21

Chido y Chidito

Hello amigos y familia

Every time i get to the computers i forget what i was going to write so that´s always cool.
First of all im still loving it here in Mexico, every single day something different and hilarious happens here.  If you haven´t had the opportunity to go to mexico, do it, because it´s the best country ever.
So this week we had a fairly good week.  We had to drop one of our really good investigators, because her member husband doesnt want to get married until may or something dumb.  But she will get baptized in a few months so its all good, ill probably still be here kicking it in vegas.  The upside is we have a recent convert with a huge family, and hes helping us work with all of them. We picked up his aunt and her children, but she isnt married, and the husband really wants to hold back the agency of the wife and kids.  I think thats a sign of how my entire mission is going to be, husbands that like to hold back agency, but were working at it.  At least he let the kids go to church. Which takes me to my next story.
Yesterday we had a huge turnout in sacrament (9, but 3 dont count because theyre not exactly investigators yet), and 6 of them were little kids hahah.  The kids are going to be the pioneers to help their parents go to church.  So yesterday in the morning we had to go bring the kids to the church, and i led 7 kids to church, and was in charge of 7 kids under the age of 14 haha.  Good fun, I was yelling "come on my niños faster faster"  Good day.
Our 2 older investigators are coming along real nice.  Still slow to understand things, but they have the desire to come to church and to learn, and the husband is quitting coffee and cigarrettes so thats a miracle.
Still working on fixing the ward as well, the elders right before the four of us completely trashed the attitude of the members towards missionaries, and there are a few less actives because of it, so that´s always good.  But were working at it to fix the attitude.
Funny story time.  We were walking and didnt have anything planned, so we were just contacting, and their was an old guy with 2 cute little chihuahas, so we contacted him.  He said "oh hes named chido, the other is named chidito, theyre family"  Now for all yall gringos, chido means cool, so he named his dogs cool and little cool.  Its funnier in person.  But he was so excited about their names, it was great.
Oh also, sometimes random people try and talk to you in english, but they only know random words like "beer", or "balloon" or really random things.
All is well in the great land of mexico, I love you all and to all a good...Week?
Elder Hodson 2

First pic, one of the great hills of Poza Rica
second, We use books from the jehovahs witness to hold the trash up.
third, the best teddy hamster in the world


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