Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 18

Mexico Time

So I have another day and a half basically until I'm in transit to
Mexico. So that's pretty crazy. I never thought the day would come
that I'd be able to make it to Mexico, but it's here! This week was
fairly slow, lots of our investigators went out of town for the New
Years, and I had to get some stuff done before Mexico and packing, but
it's all good, I'm packed already so that's a relief. Sadly I didn't
baptize anyone before I left this area, but this area is loaded for
the next transfer, so hopefully they make some work out of it, there's
some decent potentials.

New Year's Eve we had to be in our apt early, and New Year's Day was a
normal day, nothing special.

Had to say a few goodbyes already too, there's a couple of family's
that could be my own. Last night we had dinner with the venegas
family, and the mom is from my mission, so we've always gotten along
haha. They're an awesome family though, I'll put some pictures in. We
played some Mexican bingo too. She might come see me in Mexico though!
I'll have to say bye to my other family tonight too haha. Good people
in this ward.

Also shoutout to Nat for the most intricate package I've ever seen haha.

Alls good in the life of elder Hodson. Not much has changed, just in
the waiting game. I have no good stories this week either, or at least
shareable ones.

One of the biggest things I've learned from this area is the impact
members have on lessons. When we have members the lessons go smoother,
the investigators or less actives are much more interested, and it
gives a different opinion on things. We had a lesson with a recent
convert, and they were more interested and asking more questions than
I've ever seen her ask. So for all of you comfortable in your normal
church life, start praying for opportunity to find people to teach, or
give the missionaries your schedule of when you're open to go out with
them, it makes a world of difference for us, and the investigators.

One of the greatest blessings you could have, is having the missionary
lessons in your house with a friend, and watching them make the best
decisions of their life. There's my preach for the week

Love you all!
Elder Hodson 2

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