Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 20

Hermano Eldere Jose Smit Me Bautizo

Well friends,
MEXICO IS GREAT.  Easily has to be the funniest place to live as a gringo in the world.  From drunk people all the time, to people selling brooms from motorcycles, i love it.  Its so funny.  Basically all day today ive just been looking around and laughing, because mexico is funny.  Basically every other house is a store, and they all sell the same stuff.  Coca cola is water here.  People dont even have to leave their house, because people bring everything right to your house, and everything costs 10 pesos (50 C)
So to fulfill my funny story, and explain my title, here goes nothing.  So we were buying tacos the other day, because we found new investigators, and a random drunk short little lady, came up to me and says "Hermano do you know an hermano eldere? He baptized me and i was wondering if you know him." then we explained how our title is always elder, then she says "oh wait i remember his name its hermano johnson, wait no its hermano eldere jose smit, yeah him hermano eldere jose smit baptized me 30 years ago, do you know him?"  Drunk inactives that for some reason got baptized bring good stories right?
On a more serious note, this week was great.  We had interviews with pres, and he basically puts a ton of pressure on his gringos to watch over the mission for him basically.  Its different, but its nice.  So we picked up our work a little more, because im getting more used to this area.  We picked up 3 or 4 new investigators, and we should have a baptism on the 31st.  We had 5 people show up to church too!  But the downside is weve found some drama in the ward ( surprise surprise )  The joys of being a missionary in an area that had problems with missionaries right before you.  But Elder Matul and i are ruthless, and were shooting for 12 baptisms before he goes home, and im shooting for 80 baptisms in my mission!  Its possible, just gotta find the right people.  Our president is trying to bring back the old fire in the mission, so he is focusing really hard on numbers.  Definitely a more straight forward president than california. Its great.
But the work goes on, we go to peter piper pizza on mondays, and work hard during the week.  Keep me in your prayers, we have some big changes we need to bring to the lives of our investigators!
I love it here and i love you all!
Elder Hodson 2

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