Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 19

The First week in the mission

Well, not the first week, but the first real week hahha.  First of all its great here, and i have very little time to write this week, so if i dont make it to writing you, sorry.  Second, the keyboards here suck, so excuse my grammar.  Third idk.

So started the week flying to mexico, at 1 am.  Needless to say i didn't sleep for a solid 36 hours, so that was super long.  Got to mexico fine, im alive, no worries.  Had my interview with my president, I was half asleep, and He sent me right away to my new area.  drumroll.... IM IN LAS VEGAS.  I dont know if president just wants to be funny, and send me here because vegas, or what, so this is my second time to las vegas in my mission ahahaha.  So on my bus ride to vegas (5 hours) I fell asleep.... and I passed my stop hahaha.  So I ended up in a different area, called alamo, which is an hour away from vegas... with no phone..... and my crap spanish... but luckily someone was very nice and helped me, and apparently president called the entire mission, so the whole mission, and a lot of members already know me as the person that slept through their stop.  So i made it to my area around 1 am, went to the house, and slept.  Our house is a very small apartment, no kitchen, just an area for studies, and a small room for our two beds.  Apparently the missionaries are in charge of finding Houses here, so it depends on how good you look.  But we have ac, cold water only, a fridge, and a very ghetto washing machine, but its not too bad.  Now that i look back, dang was i spoiled in california.  I don't know how they can spend 1400$ in the states a month for an apartment, then here only pay the evuivalent of something like 300$ or less a month.  So thats pretty weird, but i think its because the native missionaries would live better in the mission, than they ever would in their homes.  Walking a ton here as well, we have lots of hills so thats always fun right?  Grateful for philmont.
My companion, my companion is elder Matul, hes 5'4 or something, from guatemala, and hes freaking awesome.  I never thought i would get a companion thats native, that would push me, but dang, hes amazing.  I swear hes half my size, but i have to run to keep up with him when he walks.  Hes also great in lessons, and is basically reteaching me what my crap comps in cali failed to do.  But hes amazing, he was only baptized a year before he left, and when he came out he basically knew nothing, hes got a really cool story, but another day.  He also has 22 months in the mission, and he is not dying without a fight haha.
The area, the area is great, we have a fairly big area, but we live right next to the church, and a park.  So we excersize in the mornings, and we live close to the church, for those close save bathroom trips.  We already have i think 5 or 6 people on date, and elder matul and i put 3 of those, so yeah, the work is definitely faster here.  When the people here say the work is slow, theyre doing more in 1 or 2 days than cali would do in a week.  It's nuts.
My president is a tall funny guy from arizona, hes always messing around, and making jokes, and just being hilarious.  But he is nuts.  I think the craziest part of this mission is we are only given one hour a day to eat, and he calls it comida (food).  One time a day with members at 2 in the afternoon, and after that you have to wait until night time to eat again.  So thats pretty nuts.  
Oh today for pday, we played hockey with brooms, then went to peter piper pizza, and walmart, we have walmart heck yeah.
Just lots and lots and lots of things that dont make sense in this mission, but ill get accostumed, its like im camping for two years, i can just be dirty all the time, and it doesnt even matter woooh.  Oh also the spanish here is ugly, so pray i can overcome that.
I don't know what else to say, just that its great here, pray that elder matul dies here with me, and i get put with a white companion ahahha...
Love you all.
Excuse the picture, im ugly and we didnt have time to retake the photo, and i was soaking.  

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