Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 17

I have very little to say

Well, I talked to my family on Friday, so there's not much to say.

We had an extremely slow week, bc Christmas. Christmas Eve we had in the
morning a gift exchange with our whole zone, I ended up with a piƱata
and maracas because I'm mexican now. President invited us to his
house, but we ended up late to dinner, and in turn couldn't make it to
his house, so that was super sad. Christmas morning we had members
invite us over for lunch, and they bought us ties, and had turkey with
them. It was really nice of them. But we didn't have dinner, and
neither did the sister missionaries, and I felt really bad, and
refused to spend Christmas in our apartment, so we searched for an
open place, bought some pizza, and went to the church and played phase
10. So thanks for dinner Derrick, that one was on you hahaha.

For all of you at home, never let missionaries spend Christmas dinner alone,
it's sad. It wasn't too bad tho.

Uhh yeah. Basically nothing happened
this week so that's cool. Only 9 more days until Mexico whipee.

I'll put in some photos of glorious California for you all.

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