Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 16

This will be my most interesting email of my mission

So to fulfill my title, here goes nothing. For all of you in missions
in South America, don't judge, because you don't understand how much
slower normal work is haha.

Idk if I should start with the fact that I was in Las Vegas last
Monday or that we had the most successful week of my mission or what,
but yeah.

So last Monday I went to Las Vegas. I should've had a party, but I
didn't. I didn't plan well enough haha. So Sacramento is super dumb
with visas and missionaries and they're on a mega power trip, so we
called the mission travel office lady, and she set me up for a flight
to Las Vegas. I was very confused, but said ok cool, Las Vegas, send
me home. My parents got a nice scary email that said I'm getting sent
home haha. But basically Monday morning I flew into Vegas around 9 or
so in the morning. Aidan picked me up, don't worry I got permission,
we went to the consulate, got my visa, then had like 5 or 6 hours to
waste. Sat outside my house, while Aidan ran in to grab some books,
then went to bdubs. Basically last Monday was easily the weirdest day
of my life. The whole day I couldn't stop saying "this is weird" and
stuff like that. Definitely weird, but it was fun. Fun day, sorry for
not visiting anyone, I decided to try and be a good boy. I also lost
my iPod somewhere in Las Vegas, so if someone finds an iPod filled
with church music lemme know. But yeah interesting day, I won't go
into too much detail. Oh I leave January 6th to Mexico at 1 in the

On to the more important part of this week. Escalante and I had the
best week we could ever ask for. We had 19 lessons (might be this
wards record), 3 people at sacrament meeting, and 5 new investigators.
Now for all of you in South America, just let me have my happiness
before you tell me your lowest is 19 lessons. For us it was huge to
have this much success. The work has really picked up big time since
this last transfer for one reason or another. Everything is finally
starting to pick up with this ward... Right when I leave. The ward
mission leader is picking up, and doesn't seem to dislike us elders
anymore, and we had lunch with him after a meeting with him. He told
me he likes Eminem, he's a cool Mexican. But yeah he's really starting
to pick up for us. Starting to really work with us more. He's going to
give a talk next week to kind of rile up the ward to work with us. So
that's good. Our ward is a good ward, I just think there has been a
lot of wrong in the past with missionaries and members and members
between members. So if we can fix the ward then we can baptize, and
they can see that. Today we had a full class in priesthood, and lots
of not full less actives but basically less actives came, so that was

We have lots of investigators right now as well, and I think 5 or 6 of
them are progressing which is a miracle once again. No one on date,
but we're so close. We're thinking about Enrique our neighbor the
Saturday before I leave, but he just needs to accept it. He came with
his wife to church and they both stayed for all 3 hours. It was
awesome. I'm their favorite huerito or white person. He told me that
when he gets baptized he wants me to do it, so I'll always remember
him when I get rich lol. Works for me.

I also got to baptize an 8 year old that the sisters were teaching
because they thought she was 9 haha. For some reason she chose me,
probably because I'm white. So that was amazing. We had an
investigator come as well which was super cool. We didn't even think
he would, but he did. So I'll throw some pics in.

Now I'll tell some funny stories bc why not. So we had a lesson with
this old guy, and he was telling us about his life and he said "when I
was 10 years old, I already knew the women, and already wanted to do
things with them. One day I found one that would fulfill my needs." So
that was funny. One of the sister missionaries that's serving here has
been dear janed two times, and somehow has a new boy writing her.
Every day here I'm glad I'm able to talk. You can get some funny
stories out of people if you know how to work their attitudes haha.
Every person has a funny story somewhere. Oh both of my suits need to
be dry cleaned, because somehow the back of my blue one is covered in
chocolate, and for some reason one of the youth put cupcake on my
other, so I won't have a suit for our zone conference. That'll be
awkward. I'm sure there's other funny stories, but I forget.
Life is good, my Spanish sucks, my companion speaks perfect Spanish,
but nothing works to get him to speak it to me, but life is good. I'll
get Spanish eventually.

I think that's all of my fun for this week. Have an amazing Christmas
everyone, I hope it's amazing for you all. Read some books. The best
part of Christmas is the tamales.

Love you all
Elder Hodson 2

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