Monday, December 14, 2015

Im coming home.... Las Vegas to get my visa on Monday hahahahahah. So we're currently
not on good standards with the Sacramento consulate apparently, and
the lady there is being a really not nice lady, and is on a bit of a
power trip because of some stuff that happened with another missionary
and a lady that worked there, so they basically are trying to make it
as hard as possible for us to get a visa. So we called the church
travel office lady and told her everything that happened, and this
lady doesn't mess around, so she just said alright we're going to buy
you a plane ticket to Las Vegas and you'll just get your visa there.
So president is sending me home. But I fly back to California around
4:30. I have really hilarious luck. Our mission president is super
cool though, and we were talking for the drive back and just cracking
jokes about going home, and what I should say to you guys. He gave me
permission to write though don't worry. So Monday I'll fly to Las
Vegas in the morning, taxi to the consulate, then taxi back and fly
home apparently. President is really funny though, I said to him oh
I'll just have my parents drive me, he said well you shouldn't but I
guess you're going to Mexico either way. He said later we'll just tell
them to drop you off the packages later. But yeah probably shouldn't
do that.

Dad if you can, send me something nice to give him for me,
because he's done a ton to help. Yeah so I'll be a solo missionary
Monday. Living the Vegas life as a missionary. He told me to buy him
something from the airport as well. Uhh what else do I need to tell
you. I probably won't email on Monday because well I'll be in Las
Vegas, but he's going to give me his phone so. Basically all rules are
going out the window and I have really funny luck. I've been dying
laughing all day because I'm going to Las Vegas. I'm going to take
pictures walking down the escalator with no one to greet me. Going to
be the funniest day of my life. But yeah if you guys have any
questions for me just lemme know and I'll email you back. Simply put
just flying to Vegas because of a power trip in Sacramento.

Also I opened your package, and holy mother of candy. And 6 chipotle gift
cards, thank you guys so much.

Love you
Lemme know if you have questions.

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