Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 13

One big jump!

So basically this week is going to be a couple of funny stories.
But before that, we didn't have much success with our investigators
this week, bc of thanksgiving, but we have a ton of lessons set this
next week. It's a whole lot easier being in a duo, and my companion
actually wants to work, so we tracted a ton,and I feel like we did
more in a week of a duo than 6 weeks in a trio, and he agrees as well.
Driving is also great, besides the fact that we have a little thing
called tiwi that makes it so if we drive dumb, it tells our president

Story time
First story. On thanksgiving morning we did service as a zone in a
park, just picking up trash and stuff. In the middle of the park
there's a small river with like two feet of water, but it's about 8
feet deep, and 6 or 7 feet across. Boys being boys, we started messing
around prodding someone to jump it, but jokingly. Then a random new
elder comes up, and says I'll do it. This kid is like 6,8 and a little
chubby, and a little uncoordinated. So he backs up to get a running
start, and we all think he's joking. Then he starts running, and at
the last second slips, and smacks into the other side, and his legs
got soaked in water. Everyone was just in shock, and he got up and
out, then laid down on the grass. They went to the hospital, and he
dislocated his shoulder so they put that back in. That was pretty
dumb, but funny.

Second story, we were searching for wifi, because there's a thing
called xfinity where in certain parts of Cali, you just have wifi. So
we found wifi in front of a random house, and after like 15 seconds, a
lady walked outside and started yelling at us. I said "oh we're just
looking for wifi for the gps" then she responds very angrily "oh
you're trying to steal wifi huh?! Get out of here! " then just kept
yelling that at us, and I started laughing, and drove away, and as we
drove away she was repeating our license number. If a cop ever finds
me for stealing wifi I'll cry laughing.

No other really good stories. Basically it. Works a little slow here
at times, but we tract a ton. Only 5 more weeks. Not much to talk
about though, our investigators are all scheduled this week at least,
so pray for them to accept baptismal dates. This area desperately
needs a baptism, the ward especially.

Love you all! Don't jump rivers!

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