Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 10

So this week was good. We had exchanges this week, and escalante went
to another area, and we got elder baba with us for the day. He is from
Japan, and he was pretty cool. It's cool to have other people in our
area for the day.

We had a couple of miracles this week. The first is we had a super
good lesson with one of our families, and by the end of it they were
crying, because we were talking about families, and the dad has some
legal problems and might get sent back to El Salvador. They are a
super unified family, and it was a really good lesson. We invited to
be baptized, and they all said yes once they learn more.

Another is Saturday night, we just decided to knock on our neighbors
door to say what's up, and he let us in. He made us some chili beans,
and we talked about his family, because they have some problems, and
basically referred his sister in law to us! Then after all that
awesome, we watched the entire 1 hour restoration video with him, he
really enjoys talking about the church. Then yesterday he invited us
for dinner, so we had dinner with his family, and after they asked us
a bunch of questions about the church, and some of the questions of
the soul. We answered them with the Book of Mormon, to show him the
Book of Mormon has answers. Then a member of our ward came and talked
to him for a while, so we got some fellow shipping too. Our neighbors
are awesome haha.

Besides that our ward is getting better, and there's a little candle
under them now, but we're trying to throw some gas on there.
Definitely improving though.

Still no news on the visa sadly. Still hoping though haha. One day
it's going to happen, keep praying for me haha. Oh and we went to a
quinceañera on Saturday too haha. I'll put some pictures in.

Love you all!

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